This was written in response to a challenge to let a favorite movie scene spark a short story.
Rating:  Just barely teeters over into R.


        Buck sensed a presence in the dark livery a split second before he heard the gut wrenching sound of a shotgun being cocked.  His gun cleared the holster as a woman’s voice cautioned, “Don’t try it.  My eyes are used ta the dark.  Drop it 'n kick it this way.”

        When Buck paused, the voice took on a harsher edge.  “Don’t plan ta kill ya mister, but I’ll cut ya off at the knees if ya don’t do like I say.”

        Buck dropped his gun and pushed it a few feet away with his foot.  “Whatcha want?”

        “Well, actually what I’d hoped fer was that pretty gambler with the fancy clothes, but when I heard yer friend send ya over this way, I decided ya’d do.  Yer pretty enough.  And ya got a certain cockiness that’s pleasin’.”

        The woman had an accent Buck couldn’t place, Oklahoma maybe.  “Now turn ‘round and light the lantern hangin’ on that post.  Keep yer back ta me.”

        Buck complied.

        “Now take that bandana ya have ‘round yer neck and make a blindfold.   Ya don’t tie it right, I’ll blind ya with kerosene from that lantern.  Keep the lantern at yer feet.”

        When Buck had his eyes covered with the bandana, she had him turn around to face her.   “Take yer shirt off.”

        When he’d tossed his shirt on the ground, he faced the direction of the voice and cocked his head in question.   Her disembodied voice came out of the dark.  “Not bad,” she said appraisingly,  “maybe you’ll do even better ‘en the dandy.  He looked a little soft come ta think on it.  Now, the boots and the pants.”

        "There’ll be some other men in here any time come to check on their horses,” Buck said, trying to stall.

        “Don’t think so.  Heard ya tell that blond with the fancy rig ya was gonna to check on things.  I think the rest of ‘em are gonna be tied up with beer, poker and barmaids fer a good chunk a the night.  Long enough to suit me anyways.  Now, boots first, then the pants.”

        Buck pulled off his boots and thought about throwing one.  She anticipated him.  “Put 'em down easy.”

        He decided to bide his time and follow instructions until he got a chance to grab the shotgun.  He unbuckled his gun belt the unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to the ground.  He stood in his long johns facing the spot in the dark where the voice originated.

        “Keep goin’.”

        Buck hesitated a bit longer this time.

        "Would ya rather have me look at it or shoot it off?"

        He dropped his drawers and stood bare assed in the light of the lantern at his feet. She didn’t say anything for a minute.  He'd never felt this naked.

        “You’ll do.  You’ll do good.”  She sounded pleased.  “Now move over ta that empty stall ta yer left.  Sit down with yer back against the back wall.  Careful of the lantern.”

        Buck felt his way to the stall.  His foot touched some blankets stretched over a pile of hay as he started inside.   Feeling his way around the side walls, he got to the back and sat down.  He heard her come closer.  A second later, a rope hit his right foot.

        “Put that loop ‘round yer ankle and tighten it.”

        After he’d done it, a loop hit his left foot.

        After he’d put the second loop around his left ankle, he heard a metal object clank on the blanket next to his thigh.  “Put one cuff on yer left wrist.  Loop it around the back post there ‘en put the other one on yer right wrist.”

        Buck reached out and found a pair of wrist shackles.  He did as she ordered, fumbling to get the shackle chain through the stall boards, around the post and onto his right wrist.  He tried to fasten them loosely enough that he’d be able to slide his hands out, but she caught him at it.  As soon as he’d fastened them to her satisfaction, he felt himself being dragged flat as she pulled the ropes that were looped around his ankles.  Once he was flat on his back with his arms stretched above his head by the wrist shackles, she tied off the ropes that bound his ankles.  He was helpless to move.

        “Are ya gonna to tell me who ya are?  Or at least what ya want?”  He made his voice sound firm although he was obviously in no position to give orders.  Hell, he was in no position to order tea.

        He heard her hang the lantern on a post in front of the stall.   Some of the light was visible from the bottom of his blindfold but he couldn’t see much.  She gave his left leg a push with her toe as she stood over him.  “I’m Chance McDermott’s woman.  You seven been chasin' him ta hell and back.”

        They sure had.  They’d lost him in the hills beyond Purgatorio.  He’d changed horses so many time even Vin had lost his trail.  They’d ended up with nothing more than taking down a few of his gang.

        She continued.  “He got hisself shot up bad.”

        That was a surprise.  None of them had gotten that close to McDermott.  “Not by one of us,” was all Buck could think of to answer.

        “No, weren’t none a you.  A bounty hunter.  If it’d been one a you, I wouldn’t be treatin’ ya so nice.  I’d be here killin’ all a ya same way I blew apart that bastard bounty man.”

        “So what do ya want from me?”

        “Chance was gonna marry me once he got his stake together.  Now he’s got the stake, but he’s all shot up.”

        “He’s dead?”  That would save them a lot of trouble, Buck thought.

        “No, he’s gettin’ better.  But he was shot in . . .  well, he ain’t gonna be performin’ no husbandly duties no more.  So he says why should he marry me.  So I tell ‘im I think I’m probably carrying his baby from the last time we fucked ‘fore he got shot up.  Hell, even if he ain’t a whole man no more, I still love ‘im.  And all that money should be half mine.  I waited long enough.  Anyways, he don’t exactly believe me.  But he don’t exactly not believe me.  Ya know what I mean?  So he’s just gonna wait to see if my belly gets big.”

        She paused as though waiting for Buck to comment.  “Sounds like a plan,” was all he could think of.

        “Except, I ain’t really havin’ no baby.  Had my time of month two weeks ago, just after Chance and me fucked for the last time.  That’s where you come in.”


        “Well, can’t go fuckin’ none a his friends to git a baby.  They’d talk.  So I figured since I had ta go somewhere fer supplies, I’d come down here and pick one a ya brown-haired, light-eyed men ta give me a baby.  Saw that fancy gambler and thought he might be nice.  But now I git a good look at ya, a real good look, well maybe I woulda chose ya anyway.”

        “I’m flattered darlin’,” Buck answered dryly.  “But one of us'd just as likely talk as anyone else.  We’ve all heard Chance had himself some mighty fine women.  Be hard not to brag about bein' with one of 'em. ”

        In a flash, Buck felt a knife at his throat, a big knife.

        “Chance ain’t had no woman but me fer over a year.  I’ll kill anyone says different.  And I’ll kill any woman claims she was with ‘im.”

        Buck backtracked fast.  “Yer right darlin’.  We heard he’d found himself a special woman.  I just meant he had a reputation in Texas fer always being with a beautiful woman.  Ya must be somethin’ special to have got ridda all that competition.”

        That seemed to mollify her.  She stretched out next to him on the blanket.  “If ya know Chance’s reputation, then ya know I’m a pretty fine woman.  That should help ya give me what I want.  If not, this will.”  He felt the edge of her knife travel down his chest, over his belly and to an area where he would prefer not to feel anything that sharp, ever.    “And I don’t think ya’ll be talkin’.  Ya really gonna brag to yer friends ‘bout how some little woman trussed ya up and had at ya?  And ya can’t even describe me.”

        “Guess ya gotta point there.”  A good point, Buck thought.  Imagine what JD would do with this kind of story.   “But if this is gonna work it would really help if ya put that away.  I don’t operate so good with a knife . . . there.”

        “Hell, I heard you seven worked best in dangerous situations.  Hard fighters, hard drinkers, hard lovers.  That’s all I want.  A hard lover.”  Buck could have sworn he heard her giggle.

        “You deserve more 'en that.  I sure know how ta please a woman but I need my hands free.  Just let my hands loose darlin’.  I’ll show ya  such pleasure, ya might even forgit about Chance.”

        Wrong thing to say.  The knife was at his throat again.  Pressing harder this time.  “No fuckin’ lawman is gonna disrespect my man.  He gave me enough good lovin' to last a lifetime.  And he shows me he loves me by buyin’ me nice things.  He’ll still do that if I have his baby, specially if it’s a boy.  Now shut up and let’s get started.  What’s the best way to get ya goin’ mister?”

        “Ya could start by puttin' that knife down.”

        “OK, but it’ll be right here.  And if yau don’t give me what I want real fast, they’ll find ya in the same condition my man is in.  Only I’ll use a knife ‘stead of a rifle.”

        “Ya do that, I won’t be much use.”

        “No, but I can always find that pretty gambler with the fancy clothes if ya don’t work out.”

        Buck shut up.

        “Now I ain’t gonna kiss ya or nothin.  That’d be disloyal.  But I guess I could touch ya however ya want.  And since ya can’t see ‘em, I guess I could rub my breasts against ya.  Men seem ta git hard fast enough when I do that.  Now ya be still while I take some a these clothes off.  Course, I don’t suppose ya’d wanna yell and get yer friends in here no how.  Yer kind of a pretty sight but yer friends might not let ya forget in a hurry.”

        Buck thought of Vin or Ezra rushing in.  He bet they’d take their time setting him loose.

        She felt naked below the waist when she stretched out next to him again.  And her shirt was open.  He could feel her breasts resting against his ribcage.  She ran her hand over his chest and belly.  “Ya got a nice body mister.”  And then as she traced his cheek bones with her finger.  “Nice face too.  Bet ya don’t have no trouble gittin’ women.”

        “Ain’t so popular any woman’s tied me up before.”

        That made her laugh a little.  Then her hand was on his belly again, and lower.   She encircled him with one hand and moved it up and down on him.   She was pleased when he responded quickly and got hard in her hand.  “Good boy.  I hoped ya wouldn’t disappoint me.  Be a shame to mess up a pretty thing like you.”

        She didn’t waste any time.   She straddled him and in a moment had him inside her.    She placed her hands just above his shoulders to support herself and rocked hard against him.  Buck got lost in it.  Damn, it felt good.  He hadn’t been with a woman since they’d started chasing after McDermott.  When he exploded inside her, he gasped involuntarily with a pleasure intense from being so long denied.

        She slid off to his side, still breathing a little hard from her effort.  She laid her head on his shoulder and traced little patterns with her finger in the sweat on his chest and belly.   “How quick can ya do that agin?”

        “Again?  Why would ya want to do it again?”

        “Want to make sure I git a baby.  And maybe I could take more pleasure from it if it took longer.  Ya finish pretty fast.  Chance takes longer and can do it again right away.  We do it five times some nights after he’s been gone for a while.  I won’t be able ta have any pleasure from a man once I go back.  So can ya make it take longer next time?”

        “Ya warned me to give ya what ya wanted real fast.  If ya wanted to take pleasure from it, ya shoulda let my hands loose.  I coulda given ya somethin' to remember fer a long time.”

        “Ya sure brag a lot on yer love makin'.  I guess that's just the way of the seven.  I ain't takin' that chance.  Ya just stay hard longer next time.  Now what kin I do ta get ya goin’ agin?”

        Buck considered.  “Got anything to drink on ya?  I’ve got a powerful thirst.”

        That made her laugh again.  “Sure.   Thought maybe I’d have ta use whiskey ta git ya feelin’ ready.  Chance gits a big thirst too."

        She got up and took the lantern someplace.  Her horse must be in one of the stalls.  When she came back, she lifted his head up a little and put a bottle to his lips.  She poured it a little too fast, making him choke.  Some of it ran out of his mouth.  That made her laugh again.  “Chance never wastes his whiskey like that.”

        “Bet he hoists his own bottle.”  Buck said coughing in between words.  “Could ya try that again, a little slower?"

        “I will, if you will.”  She laughed at her own joke.  She put the bottle to his lips again.  This time he just got a small sip and it felt warm going down.

        “Yer friend in the saloon called ya Buck.  What’s yer last name?”

        “Think I’d rather that stay a mystery.”

        “I could find out.  Can’t be that many men 'round here named Buck meetin’ yer description.  I just wanna know the name of my baby’s father.”

        “Wouldn’t ya rather think of Chance as his father?”

        She considered this.  “That’s smart.  I could always find out later iffen I needed ta.  Ya ready yet?”

        “Ya said maybe ya’d rub yer breasts against me.  Ya said that gets men hard.”

        “OK,” she said cheerfully, seeming happy to oblige.  She lay on top of him, rubbing her breasts against his chest and at the same time rubbing against his cock with her hips.  It seemed to be showing signs of perking up.  Then she surprised him by putting a nipple to his lips just as she’d placed the whiskey bottle.  He ran his tongue in circles around it until it got hard, nibbled lightly, then sucked it vigorously.  She giggled in delight.  She pulled it away and put the other nipple in his mouth.  He gave it the same treatment.

        “This could be so much better if ya just let my hands loose.”

        “Shut up on that.  It’s good enough this way.  And if ya start to bite too hard, I kin get away.”

        Buck figured that comment didn’t speak well for Chance’s lovemaking, but he didn’t want the knife at his throat again, so he let it pass.  Besides, damn if he wasn’t getting hard again.

        She noticed too.  “Good boy.  Now ya keep it up longer this time.”

        “Anything ya want darlin’.”

        She slid him inside her again.  This time she lay almost flat on top of him and slid her body slowly back and forth.   As she started breathing harder, she moved more vigorously on top of him.  She kept saying, “not yet, not yet” as though he was going to go off without warning.  But he could last as long as a woman wanted.

        She finally came.  And as she came, she kept saying “now, now” as though now he was going to make her work too hard.  He whispered hoarsely,  “a couple more, just a couple more.”  She obliged as she moved hard a couple more times on top of him and he obliged by coming inside her with the same force as the first time.

        She collapsed on top of him for a moment.  “That was nice.  I think yer a sweet man Buck.  I’m glad.  I want my baby ta be sweet.”

        A moment later she got up and got dressed.  “I gotta go now Buck.  I hope I got yer baby.  Iffen I don’t, guess I won’t be able ta try agin.  Chance would know if the baby came too long after we fucked that last time."

        Buck was suddenly apprehensive.  “Ya ain't gonna leave me here like this are ya?”

        “You’ll be alright.  Got to get some distance before ya can raise a ruckus.  Don’t want ya trying to follow me ta Chance.  When ya don’t come back, yer friends will come find ya.”

        “Exactly.   I’d never hear the end of it.  I’d have ta leave town.  Let me loose.  I’ll stay here ‘til ya get out of town.  Anyway, ya don’t think anyone’s gonna take it serious if I go 'round sayin' we gotta get a posse out after some woman who forced me ta make love ta her.  Besides, I don’t even know what ya look like.”

        She considered.  “OK, if ya promise.”  He could hear her lead her horse out of its stall.  Sounded like two -- maybe one for the supplies.  With the horses waiting, she untied the ropes looped to his ankles.  She came over and put the key to the shackles in his mouth.

        “Yer a clever man.  Ya’ll get 'em off.”  With that she blew out the lantern, mounted and took off.

        It wasn’t easy getting the shackles off.  He dropped the key a couple of times and had to find it again in the dark under the hay.  He worked at it for about ten minutes before he got the key in straight and kept it straight while he turned it.  Finally the left cuff opened up.   The right followed quickly.   He hurriedly slipped on his long johns, pants and boots and buckled his gunbelt.  While he was looking for his shirt in the dark, Chris came in with a lantern.  He just stood there leaning against a post while Buck found his shirt, shook the hay out of it and put it on.

        Finally, Chris spoke up.  “Some boys came in from Bubbling Wells with a good story right after you left the saloon.  Seems Chance McDermott got himself shot up -- some bounty hunter.  Bounty hunter got himself killed by McDermott’s men and they dragged McDermott off.  Bounty hunter’s partner who was supposed to be covering him, got away.   The local sheriff found the bounty hunter’s body but no sign of McDermott.  The judge is going to send us up there tomorrow to make sure McDermott’s dead and get the rest of the gang.”

        While he was speaking, Chris moved the lantern around.  The light landed on the revolver lying where Buck had pushed it with his foot.

        “Lose somethin' Buck?”

        Buck scooped up the revolver and flipped it into his holster without a word.

        Chris kept moving the light around until it exposed something else.  Those damn shackles.  Buck scooped them up and tried unsuccessfully to stuff them into his back pocket.  He finally threw them into the back of a stall.

        Chris just stood there with an irritating grin on his face.  “Have fun Buck?”

        Buck said nothing.

        “There’s a nice lookin' woman come inta the saloon for a little supper.   Seemed familiar.  Told Inez her name was Rose.  I watched awhile, finally recognized her.  Hair’s put up and a little darker.  Clothes a little more womanly lookin’ then last time I saw her.  Course that time – what was it, five years ago - she was dressed to convince the sheriff in Eagle Bend she was a bounty hunter takin’ you off to get hanged.   Even had that nice poster printed up with yer picture on it.   Made a fool out of me -  chasin’ hell bent out to save yer fool hide only to find she’d decided to take the bounty out in trade.  Swore then I’d never get in between you and any woman again."

        Buck smiled wryly.  “So old pard, why’d ya come out here now?”

        “Got worried maybe she’d left you in somethin' you couldn’t get out of.  Figured wouldn’t be much trouble to check.”

        Buck shook his head.  “Ya know she never hurts me Chris.”

        “No, but sometimes I think she overrates your intelligence.”

        Chris started to walk toward the saloon, expecting Buck to follow.

        “I’m goin' over to my room to wash up and change my shirt.  Then maybe I'll have a little supper.”

        Chris shrugged and started toward the saloon again.  Then he turned, “Buck, is that crazy bitch ever gonna track you down and just run into your arms and kiss you like a normal woman?  Ain't you ever gonna get tired of these games?”

        Buck grinned.  “Not a chance, Chris.  Not a chance.”

The End

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