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All the Reasons Why- G. M. Atwater - OW, Buck, Chris, CCC, Romance [The Perfect Buck Story]
Alma Mater  - Hilary Fox - OW, All 7, CCC, C&A
At the Gate - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix -ATF, Vin, All the 7, Romance
Auto Observations at Ground Level - Mog - ATF  C&A 
A Bad Day - KETanner - OW, Chris/Vin Slash , CCC
Bad Things Happen: A Hero is a Hero - Tiffiny - ATF  JD, All 7, CCC
Bad Weather - NotTasha -  OW Ezra, JD  CCC
The Better Man  - Tiffiny - OW Chris, Ezra  CCC
Better than Drinking Alone - Joan Curtin - OW, Buck, JD, Rest of 7, CCC
Brothers of Mercy   - Mel - AU  Vin, All 7   CCC
Charade- NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, Rest of 7, CCC
Colors - Series starting with Red   - Linda B. - OW  All 7,  some JPF, others CCC
Coming Home   - TrishA. - OW  Vin, Chris, CCC
Conversations in Solitaire- KatMorg - Buck, JD, Casey, CCC
Crossroads- Mitzi - OW  All 7  CCC Novella
Days of Fire  - Sarah B. - OW  All 7, Action
Deserving - Mel - Modern AU  Vin  CCC
Debts & Decisions  - Firefox - OW, Chris, All 7, CCC
Down Time- Helen Chavez - Josiah, All 7, CCC, Holiday [Also  Black Raptor Down Time]
Driven- SueN - OW  All 7  H/C  CCC
Entertaining Angels*- Firefox - ATF Chris, CCC, Tearjerker
Facets: That First Step  - Deb - OW Casey, Vin, CCC
Facets: Doubt and Faith    - Deb - OW Nathan, Vin, CCC
Facets:  Kaleidoscope   - Deb - OW  Buck, Vin, CCC
Facets:  Upon This Rock  - Deb - OW  Josiah, Vin, CCC
Facets:  A Pride of Lions   - Deb - OW  Chris, Josiah, Vin, CCC
Facets:  The Mask Drops  - Deb - OW  JD, Vin, CCC
Facets:  Very Funny, Mister Tanner  - Deb - OW, Ezra, Vin, CCC
Facets:  Words by Heart   - Deb - OW  Mary, Vin, CCC
Father's Day  - Jody Revenson - ATF, Buck, JD, Rest of 7, Action, CCC
Fear - Celeste - OW Chris, All Seven, CCC
February the 13th  - LaraMee Deux - ATF, All 7 sans Chris & Vin, Holiday, Comedy
Fellow Travelers- J. Brooks -  Ezra, All 7, Action, Comedy, C&A, Rule Exception
Fine Edge of the Blade  - TrishA. - OW Nathan, Rest of the Seven, CCC
48 Hours -  Mitzi - OW  Buck, Ezra  Novella, Action, CCC
A Friend to Me  - Mitzi - OW  All 7 Novella, CCC
A Gathering of Lions - G. M. Atwater - ATF All 7  CCC
Friends for Life  - C. L. Combs - Buck, Chris, C&A, CCC
Holiday Traditions   - LaraMee Deux - OW  Chris, Vin, Holiday, CCC
Ghosts- Joan Curtin - OW  Vin, All 7  CCC, Action
In the Silver Light - NotTasha - OW  Ezra CCC [sequel Golden Glow]
A Golden Glow - NotTasha  OW  Ezra CCC 
Hope  - Mel - OW  Vin, Chris  H/C, CCC
Hospital  - Mel -  Modern AU, Chris, Vin, All 7, H/C
How Did He Get That Car?   - Mog - ATF  Ezra  CCC
I Will Help You   - Mitzi - OW  All 7  CCC Novella, Crossover
Identity- Hilary Fox - ATF  Ezra, CCC
Into the Unknown   - Mel - Modern AU  Vin, All 7, CCC
Ezra's Feast - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, Chris, Rest of 7  Action
Just Deserts  (sequel to Eza's Feast) - NotTasha - OW  Ezra, All 7
Killing Time - Joan Curtin - OW  Vin, All 7 Action, CCC
Knowing - Linda B. - OW  Vin  CCC
La Corrido del Coyote - G. M. Atwater - OW  All 7  CCC, Action, C&A
Legacies  - Sarah Bartholomew - OW  JD  All 7, CCC, Deathfic
Legends Born Series- Joan Curtin - OW   All 7, CCC
Getting It Right** (BR) - Tiffiny - ATF   Vin/OMC  CCC  Het
Life, Sans the Living   - KatMorg - All 7, Deathfic
The Life of the Party  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, Chris, CCC
A Literary Woman (sequel to Angie)  - Derry - ATF  Ezra All 7  C&A
A Lucky Man* (Also BR) - Annie -ATF Chris, Buck, Vin, CCC
The Man With No Name- Debbie K. - OW   Vin, Rest of Seven, CCC
Midnight Conversation   - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - ATF  Ezra, Vin, CCC
A More Perfect Union   - Sue Bartholomew - OW,  Ezra, Chris, CCC
My Name is Legion  - Sarah Bartholomew - OW  All 7 H/C  Action  CCC
Never Destroyed   - Mel - OW  Vin, Ezra, All 7  CCC, Tearjerker
New Crew- KT - Modern AU, The 7, CCC, Action
Old Foes- KT - Modern AU, The 7, Action
Next Lesson  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, CCC
The Night Before the Trial  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, Chris, CCC
Nothing   - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, Nathan, Rest of 7, CCC
On the Eve of St. Valentine  - Tiffiny - ATF  All 7, Holiday, CCC
On the Outskirt of Tascosa  - Sue Bartholomew - OW  Ezra, All 7, CCC
One Reason  - Kim - ATF All 7, CCC. Tearjerker
Orphans, Mothers & Sons  - SueN. - OW  Vin, Ezra  CCC
Out of the Frying Pan  - Mady Bay - ATF  All 7, CCC
A Picture is Worth... - Tiffiny - OW  Vin, Chris, Buck CCC
Pie in the Sky  - NotTasha - Ezra, Nettie, CCC
Pieces of Me - Hilary Fox - OW  Ezra, JD, H/C, CCC
Pied Beauty - NotTasha - Ezra, Josiah, CCC
Polite - Mel - Modern AU  Vin  CCC
River Styx- Estevana Rey -  OW   Vin, All 7, H/C, Action, CCC
Questions and Answers  - Sue Bartholomew - OW  Ezra, Josiah, CCC
Promises Made  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, Chris, CCC
TThe Road to Yuma  - Susan Zell - OW Chris, Buck, Vin   CCC
Rule of Thumb - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, JD, CCC
See What Life is About  - Mog - ATF  Ezra  CCC
Shaking the Dust  - NotTasha - OW  Nathan, Ezra  CCC
Sleep - Mel - Modern AU  Vin   CCC
Small Favors  - Shellie Williams - OW  Chris, JD, Buck rest of Seven,CCC, H/C
Soledad- J. Brooks -  OW  Ezra, All 7 Action
Someone Else's Son - NotTasha -  OW  Josiah, Ezra, Rest of 7,  CCC
Sometimes I Wonder - NotTasha -  OW  Josiah, Ezra  CCC
Somewhere In-Between - NotTasha -  OW  Josiah, Ezra 
Spirit of a Hero  - Mitzi - OW  All 7  Novella  Action 
A Stone, Turned  - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, Josiah 
Surprises - Kim - ATF Chris, Vin,  Tearjerker
Sweet Secret - KT - Modern UK AU, Buck, JD,
Tea & Sympathy  - J. Brooks - Nathan, Ezra, Mary 
Time Change   - Mel - Modern AU  Vin, All 7 
Time Stands Still  - Linda B. - ATF Vin, Ezra 
''Tis the Season to Be Dolly  - Firefox - ATF  Buck,  Ezra, Holiday, Children
Tom "Scat" Logan's Story  - Heather F. - OW   All 7, Action
To See Ourselves As Others See Us . . . - Firefox - ATF  All 7
Too Good To Be True - Tiffiny - ATF  Vin, SS
Unsealed  - Linda B. - ATF  Vin, Ezra, Chris
Travails- Joan Curtin - OW  Vin, Chris, Rest of 7  Action
Unexpected in Common Hours- Jody Revenson - ATF  Buck, JD
Vocabulary - Linda B. - Series  OW  All 7, CCC
Waiting on a Friend   - Mog - OW All 7, CCC
A Work of Fiction  - Firefox - ATF  All 7, CCC, Comedy
The Winning Side  - NotTasha -  OW  Nathan, Ezra, CCC
You've Got Mail  - Greenwoman - ATF, Ezra, CCC
Coming to an End  - Meg Tipper  CCC (canon character POV)
A Certain Tactile Sensitivity  - Meg Tipper - Ezra, All 7CCC
Cornerstone  - Meg Tipper - OW  Ezra, Vin, Rest of 7,   CCC
The Clod & the Pebble  [Sequel to Cornerstone] - Meg Tipper - OW  Ezra, Vin, Rest of 7
The Road  - Meg Tipper - OW  Ezra 
End of the Rainbow  Mods  OW  Ezra, Vin 
Advice to My Son - NotTasha -  OW  Buck, Chris  (Sequel to About Suffering)
Moved by Silent HandsAlternate URL  - Painted Eyes -  OW  Vin, All 7  Novel  Action 
For Faith  - Painted Eyes  OW  All 7  Action 
Small Sacrifices  J. Brooks  OW  Josiah, Ezra (2ndary - Chris, Vin)  Action
Life Left Behind   Mods  ATF  Vin, Chris 
Two Kinds of Duty - Hilary Fox - ATF Vin, Chris,  C&A
Unexpected in Common Hours- Jody Revenson - ATF  Buck, JD, CCC
Father's Day Sinners  - KT-  ATF  Ezra, Buck w/JD & Chris 
Guilt Trip  KT  OW  Buck, Ezra, Rest of 7  Action, CCC
Truck Love  - KT - ATF  Buck, Rest of 7
Goodbye to Old Friends  - Setcheti - OW  Vin 
A Summons Faint Yet Absolute  - Meg Tipper - OW  Ezra 
The World According to Garth** - SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin  CCC

Slush & Slash

All That We're Allowed ** (BR) - SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin
Beyond a Shadow * - Tiffiny - OW  All 7, Chris/Vin 
Cold Enough to Snow*- Gwyneth Rhys - OW, Chris/Vin  Tearjerker
Conversations * - Maygra - ATF Chris/Vin, Buck
Don't Get Much  ** - Gwyneth Rhys - OW  Chris/Vin
Healing* also BR - Tiffiny -OW, Nathan/Ezra 
Foundations**- Stacie - ATF  All 7, CCC, Action
Hunter's Moon **- Joe Lawson - AU, All 7
Hunting Party **- Diamondback - Hunter's Moon AU  The 7, Comedy
The Idea of Need *- Hilary Fox - ATF, Chris
The Idea of Want *- Hilary Fox - ATF, Vin
In Hiding (Also BR)   - Annie - ATF   Vin, All 7
Ponderin*- Rita - ATF Vin 
So Much fer Easy**(BR) - SueN. - OW  Vin/Chris
The Twelve Pack* (also BR)- Annie - ATF  Vin
Secrets From the Past  **- Steel - OW   Chris/Vin 
Secrets**- Ruby J. - ATF  Chris/Vin, Buck,
Ashes and Smoke  ** - SueN.  Chris/Vin
A Lucky Man* (Also BR) - Annie -ATF Chris, Buck, Vin, CCC
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