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Hell, Ham, Milkshakes & Mayhem by Heidi  ATF  Comedy
Helluva Thing- SueN. - OW  Vin, All 7  H/C
Borrowed Time - Estevana Rey - WWII AU All 7
Fine Edge of the Blade by Trish  OW  Nathan All 7
Sevenby Debbi K & Nancy W.  OW  All 7 C&A  CCC
Boxing Day - NotTasha - ATF  Ezra, All 7, Holiday
PQL [Project Quantum Leap] - NotTasha - SciFi AU series
One Reason  - Kim - ATF All 7, CCC. Tearjerker
Across the Divide: The Seven Ride Again  by Sue Bartholomew  OW  All 7 Death Fic
After Clouds, Sun  - Linda B. -ATF  Vin, All 7
Alma Mater  - Hilary Fox - OW, All 7, CCC, C&A
Amazon Series:- NotTasha - OW Ezra, Vin All the 7 make appearances of varying importance depending on the story.
Angels Bending Near - Joan Curtin - OW, Vin, All 7  Holiday
Another Brick  - Heather F. - ATF, Ezra, All 7, Comedy
Bad Things Happen: A Hero is a Hero - Tiffiny - ATF  JD, All 7, CCC
The Ballad of Bad-Ass Beamington   - Sarah Bartholomew - OW  All 7, Comedy
A Barstool at 10th & Main  - Setcheti - AU, Ezra, All 7
Bedeviled! - NotTasha - OW  All 7  JPF
The Best Medicine   - Mel - OW  Vin, All 7, C&A
Best of Times, Worst of Times: Nathan  - Tarlan - OW  Nathan, All 7, Holiday
Best Served Cold - Kath - OW, All 7, Action
The BET series  - Luna Dey - OW  All 7, Comedy
Bet You Could  - Mel - OW  Vin, All 7, H/C
A Birthday in the Present (The original ATF story)  - Mog - ATF  All 7, H/C
Blood Trail - Joan Curtin - OW, Vin, Chris, All 7, H/C, Action
Bolt Out of the Blue  - NotTasha - OW/ATF  Ezra, Ezra, All 7  Comedy
Viva Las Vegas  - Libby  7 for Hire AU  All 7  JPF
The Bridge  - Desperado's Daughter - ATF, All Seven, Action, H/C
Brothers of Mercy   - Mel - AU  Vin, All 7   CCC
Buffalo Man  - Tarlan - OW, All 7, Action
The Bull- Helen Chavez - OW, Buck, All 7, Comedy, C&A
Catclysm - Brate - OW  All 7, JPF
Candy from Strangers  - Hilary Fox - ATF, All 7, C&A, Comedy
The Challenge   - Hilary Fox - ATF, All 7, JPF
The Race   - Meg Tipper  OW  All 7, Comedy
Vertical Expression of Horizontal Desires  by Tess ATF  Ezra, All 7
A Matter of Time  LIbby - ATF  JD, All 7 Action
Clear as a Bell  - NotTasha - OW  Ezra All 7 H/C
Countdown to Christmas   - Kathy B. - OW All 7, Holiday, Serial
Crossroads - Mitzi - OW  All 7  CCC Novella
The Cur - Series- Linda B. - OW Vin, All 7, C&A, Tearjerker
The Crying Waters - Kimberly (KBJ) - OW, Vin, All 7, C&A, Novella
Darkest Hours   - Estevana Rey - OW  All 7  H/C Novella
Conspiracies- Desperado's Daughter - OW, Nathan, JD, All 7  Action
Days of Fire  - Sarah B. - OW  All 7, Action
Debts & Decisions  - Firefox - OW, Chris, All 7, CCC
Dead Cat Walking  - Greenwoman - ATF, All 7, JPF, C&A
Derailed- Klingoncat - ATF, All 7, Action
Devil of a Time - NotTasha -  All 7, JPF
Devil's Bargain - SueN. - OW, Vin All 7, H/C  CCC
Discourse on the Sober Life  - Hilary Fox - ATF, All 7, JPF
Driven- SueN - OW  All 7  H/C  CCC
Down Time- Helen Chavez - Josiah, All 7, CCC, Holiday [Also  Black Raptor Down Time]
Dying Ain't Much of a Living  - Tiffiny - OW  Vin, All 7  DeathFic
Face Value  - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - OW, Vin, All the Seven, H/C, Serial, Romance
Fade to Black - SueN - ATF All 7 H/C
Following the Fence Home - NotTasha - OW  Ezra, All 7, H/C
A Fool and His Boots  NotTasha OW  Buck, All 7 JPF
For a Good Cause  - Heather M. - ATF  All 7, JPS
42:17  - Hilary Fox - OW, Vin, All 7, Deathfic
Four Corners Police Dept.- Heidi & Cin -  Police AU   All 7, Actioin  Novella plus short stories
A Gathering of Lions - G. M. Atwater - ATF All 7  CCC
Ghosts- Joan Curtin - OW  Vin, All 7  CCC, Action
Hearing Things  - Tiffiny - ATF All 7 JPF
Hero - Desperado's Daughter - OW, JD, All Seven, Action, H/C
Hope, and Angels' Wings - G. M. Atwater - OW  All 7,  Holiday
Hospital  - Mel -  Modern AU, Chris, Vin, All 7, H/C
A Good Name   NotTasha  OW  Buck, Ezra
Good Name II OW  Vin, rest of 7
Good Name III, IVOW  JD, Nathan  then All 7
Homecoming- KETanner -  OW   All 7, Deathfic
I Will Help You   - Mitzi - OW  All 7  CCC Novella, Crossover
Keeping On  - Hilary Fox - ATF, JD, Buck, Vin, Rest of the 7, H/C
Into the Unknown   - Mel - Modern AU  Vin, All 7, CCC
Into the Cold  - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, All 7, Action
La Corrido del Coyote - G. M. Atwater - OW  All 7  CCC, Action, C&A
The Last Word  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, All 7, Comedy
Legacies  - Sarah Bartholomew - OW  JD  All 7, CCC, Deathfic
Legends Born Series- Joan Curtin - OW   All 7, CCC
The Leopard & His Spots - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, All 7, Action, H/C
Magical Cats & Sewer Rats  - Mods - ATF  All 7  Comedy
Missing, One Agent, Slightly Used   - Ronnee - ATF  All 7 Action
Music Hath Charms   - Patricia Merritt - OW  Josiah, All 7,  Comedy
My Name is Legion   - Sarah Bartholomew - OW  All 7 H/C Action  CCC
New Crew- KT - Modern AU, The 7, CCC, Action
Old Foes- KT - Modern AU, The 7, Action
On the Outskirt of Tascosa  - Sue Bartholomew - OW  Ezra, All 7, CCC
Out of the Frying Pan  - Mady Bay - ATF  All 7, CCC
Parables (series of seven stories) - Hilary Fox - OW All the 7, H/C
Penance- Desperado's Daughter - OW, JD, All 7, Action, H/C
The Perfect Crime - (Gen version) - KETanner - OW, Chris, Vin, All 7, Action
The Race   - Meg Tipper  OW  All 7, Comedy
The Return of the Prodigal Son  - Sue
Bartholomew - OW  All 7, Action
River Styx- Estevana Rey -  OW   Vin, All 7, H/C, Action, CCC
Positively Beaming  - Firefox - ATF  All 7, Comedy
Set-Up - Desperado's Daughter - ATF, JD, All 7, H/C
Potter's Field - Desperado's Daughter - OW, All 7, H/C, Action
Pun Wars  - Hilary Fox - ATF   All 7, JPF
Persona Non Grata  (WIP - 110 pp so far)  - Desperado's Daughter - ATF  All 7, Action
Coercion (WIP - 74 pp so far) - Desperado's Daughter -  OW All Seven, Action
The Chase (WIP - 43 pp so far)  - Desperado's Daughter - OW, Ezra, Vin, Action
Seven Deadly Hangovers   - Sue Bartholomew - OW  All 7, JPF
The Trial of Vin Tanner  - Meg Tipper - The 7 minus Buck & Nathan,  Action [no separate category for legal action]
The Shenandoah Waltz   - Sue Bartholomew - OW  Ezra, All 7, C&A, Action
The Silence Between   - Shellie Williams - OW JD, Josiah, Buck, Vin, CCC, H/C
Silent Gifts   - Katie - Holiday, All 7
Silent Night  - SueN. - OW  Vin, All 7, Holiday
Silent Voices  - Debbie - ATF  Ezra, JD, All 7, Action
Snake on the Loose - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, All 7, Action
Sneaking Around - Tiffiny - ATF  All 7 JPF
Soledad - J. Brooks -  OW  Ezra, All7 Action
Someone to Watch Over Me  - Firefox - ATF   All 7, Comedy
Stoics Anonymous - Mel -  AU  All 7  Comedy
Stoics Revealed   - Mel - AU  All 7  Comedy
Stop the Press  - Sammie - WAT-Xover, All 7 & WAT Cast
A Story for Lent  - Mel - Modern AU  Vin, All 7, JPF
That's Neither Hair, Nor There  - Mods - ATF  Vin, All 7, JPF
Then I'll Feel Better   - Mog - ATF  Chris, All 7 JPF
Time Change   - Mel - Modern AU  Vin, All 7   CCC
To Honor My Father   - Kimberly (KBJ) - OW   Vin, All 7, C&A
To See Ourselves As Others See Us . . .  - Firefox - ATF  All 7, CCC
So Simple - NotTasha - OW  Ezra, Chris, All 7,  Action
Tom "Scat" Logan's Story  - Heather F. - OW   All 7, Action, CCC
Trapped  - Mel - OW  Vin, Chris, All 7  H/C
Trinity - Sue Kelley - ATF  All 7 Novella
Until Proven Innocent  - Tiffiny - ATF  Ezra, All 7  Death Fic, SS
Vertical Expression of Horizontal Desires  by Tess ATF  Ezra, All 7
Visions of Vengeance  - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - ATF   All 7, Action
Vocabulary - Linda B. - Series  OW  All 7, CCC
Waiting on a Friend   - Mog - OW All 7, CCC
When Life Gives You Oranges - NotTasha -  OW  All 7
When the Lights Go Down   - Mog - OW  Ezra, All 7, Death Fic
Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? (co-written with Lisa) - Mog - ATF  All 7, Comedy, 
White - Mog - OW  All 7  JPF
What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas  - J. Brooks - ATF All 7, Comedy
Wooden Horses  - J. Brooks - AU, All 7
A Work of Fiction  - Firefox - ATF  All 7, CCC, Comedy
Equitable Action  - Meg Tipper - EA AU  All 7 Action (Legal & the Old Fashioned Kind)
Floods, Momma Cows and Crocodiles  Heather F.  All 7 JPF
A Certain Tactile Sensitivity  - Meg Tipper - Ezra, All 7  CCC
Live to Fight On  - Libby  OW  All 7  SS
Historical Happenings  - Libby  OW  All 7
Distant Horizon  - Libby  OW  Ezra  All 7
Simple Pleasures - Helen Adams ATF Ezra All 7
Christmas Spirit   Beth Green  ATF  All 7  Holiday
Moved by Silent HandsAlternate URL  - Painted Eyes -  OW  Vin, All 7  Novel  Action CCC
For Faith  - Painted Eyes  OW All 7  Action CCC  Novel
The Coyote Chronicles  - Mods - OW  All 7 Series
Dark Oath Made  Subjective Reality  OW  Vin, All 7
Dealer's Choice  Sue Bartholomew  OW  Ezra, All 7, Action
Just a Piece in a Jigsaw Puzzle  Julie Verinder  OW  Chris, All 7
On the Shoulders of Giants  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, All 7, Action
The Trail to Tascosa  by the Traveling Dimestore Novelist  OW  All 7  Action, Series
Running Against the Wind  by Jean Graham  OW  All Seven  Novel
Magpie   by Meg Tipper  OW  Ezra, All Seven
Tell Me All Your Thoughts on God  by Jin  ATF  Vin, All of 7, H/C
Point of View   by Jin  ATF   All 7,  H/C
Montezuma's Revenge  by J. Brooks   ATF All 7, Comedy [Sequel to What Happens in Vegas]
Revenge  by Katie  OW  All 7, Action
Kings & Vagabonds I & II by Jean Graham  Fantasy AU  All 7  [Pt. II is a WIP]
Bodyguards: Name of the Game  by Jean Graham  Modern AU, Ezra, Buck, All 7  [WIP]
Catch Manny  by Meg Tipper  EA-AU  All 7  Action
Vengence AU   by Heidi & Cin (Revolutionary War Privateer AU) All 7
Brawl  by Katie  OW  All 7
Risk  by Katie  ATF  All 7
Shuck Dog  by Helen Chavez  ATF  Hellboy X-over  Ezra, Josiah, All 7, SS [WIP]
Last Stand  by Katie  OW  All 7
Music Hath Charm  - Joan Curtin - ATF  Vin, All 7, Novella 
Bedeviled!  by NotTasha  OW All 7, JPF

Slush & Slash

Another Saturday Night* - Sue Kelley  OW  Chris/Buck  All 7  Comedy
Camino del Diablo**  -  Diamondback  Devil's Road AU (OW Continuation AU)  All 7, C/B, V/E. Action, SS
Interlude:  Midnight of My Soul**  Diamondback,  Devil's Road AU, Vin, All 7, V/E
[The author has removed Camino & Interlude from the internet for reasons unknown.  These are two of the finest stories in the fandom.  Many people saved copies for themselves.  It's worth asking friends if they have a copy.  You're  most like to find someone among the C/B or E/V faithful but the story can be enjoyed even by nonslash readers.]
Dark Angels **- Cattraine - Chris/Vin & All Seven AU
Burning Angels **- Cattraine - Chris/Vin, Buck/Raphael, All 7,  Biker AU
Beyond a Shadow* - Tiffiny - OW  All 7, Chris/Vin  Slush CCC
A Fairy Tale Ending**(BR) - Tiffiny - ATF  Chris/Vin, All 7
Buffalo Man (Slash) **- Tarlan - OW, Chris/Vin, All 7, Action
Foundations**- Stacie - ATF  C/V All 7, CCC, Action
Brass Ring Series**- KETanner - ATF Vin/Chris. All 7, Action, Tearjerker, H/C, Novellas/Series
In Hiding* (Also BR)  - Annie - ATF   Vin, All 7, CCC
Derailed**- Klingoncat - ATF Chris/Vin, All 7,  Action. (slash version)
Abducted**- Tarlan - ATF  Chris, Vin, All 7, Slash, H/C
Mama, He's Crazy** (BR) - SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin CCC
One Sunday Morning**  by Sue Kelley  OW  Chris/Buck All 7   Comedy
The Perfect Crime ** (slash version) - KETanner - OW Chris/Vin, All 7, Action
Out to Lunch **- Annie - ATF Chris/Vin, All 7  JPF
Unintentional Trespass  - KT- RNLI-AU  All 7
Masquerade* KitipurrATF  Ezra/Vin All 7 Action
Served Cold ** by Julia Verinder  ATF  Vin  All 7  V/E  Action  Novella
The Magnificent Bordello** by  Robin Serrano - OW AU  Vin/Chris, All 7  SS, Series

* * *


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