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 Magnificent 7 Fan Fic
Eric Close as Magnificent 7's Vin Tanner
About this Category:  Vin is either the main character or one of no more than four roughly equal "co-stars'.  Stories in which five or more of the Seven "star" are listed in the "All 7" category (we round up).   "Vin, All 7" means the story is  about Vin but the others have prominent parts. "Vin, Rest of the 7" means the others appear but not prominently.  These stories are cross-referenced in the subject categories - see the Site Owners Page for an explanation of the categories. 

These stories started out an an alphabetical list, but now we're just adding them as we find them.  That way newly discovered stories will be at the bottom.  For an alphabetical listing by title see our Master Title Page.  For an alphabetical listing by author see our Author Page.

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42:17   - Hilary Fox - OW, Vin, All Seven, Deathfic
After Clouds, Sun  - Linda B. - ATF  Vin, All 7
Alligator Alley - Hilary Fox -  ATF, Ezra, Vin, Comedy (Road Trip)
Angels Bending Near  - Joan Curtin - OW, Vin, All 7 Holiday
Apastapickle  - Ruby - ATF Ezra, JD, Vin JPF
At the Gate - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - ATF, Vin, All the 7, Romance
Awakening  - Mel - AU  Vin, Holiday
A Bad Day  - KETanner - OW, Chris/Vin, CCC
Bathroom on the Right [Sequel to Bureau] - Ruby - Ezra, JD,  Vin, Buck, JPF
Beginnings - Elizabeth Sullivan - AU, Vin, Chris Serial/Novella
The Best Medicine  - Mel - OW  Vin, All 7,  C&A
Blood Trail   - Joan Curtin - OW, Vin, Chris,All 7, H/C, Action
Bravado  - Mel - AU  Vin, JPF
Brothers of Mercy  - Mel - AU  Vin, All 7, CCC
A Brush with Greatness   - Mady Bay - ATF  Nathan, Vin, H/C X-Over
Buffalo Man  - Tarlan - OW, All 7, Action
Bureau[Sequel to Apastapickle] - Ruby - Ezra, JD, Vin, Buck, JPF
Call of the Wild  - Annie - ATF, Chris, Vin, Ezra, Buck, Comedy (Road Trip)
The Challenge  - Anne Tolar - OW  Chris, Vin, Billy Travis, Action
Chattel  - Subjective Reality - OW  Vin, Nathan, H/C
Coming Home  - Tiffiny - OW  Vin, Chris, CCC
The Crying Waters  - Kimberly (KBJ) - OW  Vin, All 7, C&A, Novella
The Cur - Series- Linda B. - OW Vin, All 7, C&A, Tearjerker
Deal- Elizabeth Sullivan - AU, Vin, Josiah
Derailed - Klingoncat - ATF, All 7, Action
Deserving  - Mel - AU  Vin, CCC
Devil's Bargain  - SueN. - OW, Vin All 7, H/C  CCC
The Devil's Song - Tiffiny - OW  Vin, Rest of the Seven, Tearjerker
Dragons  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, Chris, Buck, Action
Driven  - SueN. - OW  All 7, H/C,  CCC
Dying Ain't Much of a Living- Tiffiny - OW  Vin, All 7, Death Fic
Easter Story  - Mel - OW  Vin, CHris, H/C
Endings  - Elizabeth Sullivan - AU  Vin, Chris, Serial
Face Value - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - OW  Vin, All Seven, H/C, Serial, Romance
Facets: Doubt and Faith   - Deb - OW  Nathan, Vin, CCC
Facets: That First Step   - Deb - OW  Casey, Vin, CCC
Facets:  A Pride of Lions  - Deb - OW  Chris, Josiah, Vin, CCC
Facets:  Kaleidoscope   - Deb - OW  Buck, Vin, CCC
Facets:  The Mask Drops - Deb - OW  JD, Vin, CCC
Facets:  Upon This Rock  - Deb - OW  Josiah, Vin, CCC
Facets:  Very Funny, Mister Tanner   - Deb - OW, Ezra, Vin, CCC
Facets:  Words by Heart  - Deb - OW  Mary, Vin, CCC
Fade to Black  - SueN. - ATF  Vin, All 7, H/C  C&A
February the 13th - LaraMee Deux - ATF  All 7 sans Chris & Vin, Holiday, Comedy
First Christmas  - Mel - AU  Vin, Chris, Holiday
Ghosts   - Joan Curtin - OW  Vin, All 7, CCC, Action
Giving & [sequel] Principles of Magic  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, Holiday
Happenstance  - Subjective Reality - OW  Vin, JD, H/C
Hearth &  Home   - Joan Curtin - ATF  Vin, Holiday
Helluva Thing- SueN. -  OW  Vin, All 7,  H/C
Herpetology   - Heather F. - ATF  Vin, Ezra, Comedy, Action
Holiday Traditions   - LaraMee Deux - OW  Chris, Vin, Holiday, CCC
Hope - Mel - OW  Vin, Chris, H/C, CCC
Hospital  - Mel - Modern AU, Chris, Vin, All 7, H/C
Hurt  - Mel - AU  Vin, All 7, Tearjerker
In for a Peso, In for a Pound  - SueN. - OW  Vin, Chris, H/C,  C&A
Into the Unknown  - Mel - AU  Vin, All 7, CCC
Keeping On  - Hilary Fox - ATF, JD, Buck, Vin, All the Rest, H/C
Killing Time  - Joan Curtin - OW  Vin, All7, Action, CCC
Knowing   - Linda B. - OW  Vin, CCC
Last Man Standing  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, Ezra, SS
The Last Word   - Linda B. - OW  Vin, All 7, Comedy
The Lesson - Linda B. - Series  OW Vin,CCC, C&A
Life Left Behind   - Mods - ATF  Vin, Chris, CCC
The Life of the Party  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, Chris, CCC
Lone Wolf series   - Yolande - OW  Vin, All 7
Each story in this series showcases a Vin moment shared with one of his fellow peacekeepers. All are well-written, although the Nathan story was  baffling.  Explanations welcome.  Vignettes.
Lost'd- Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - OW, Vin, Serial, Romance, Children
Make Way - Klingoncat - OW  Vin, C&A
Make Way for Vin - Klingoncat - OW  Vin, All 7, C&A, Comedy
The Man With No Name- Debbi K. - OW  Vin, Rest of 7, CCC
Middlings - Elizabeth Sullivan - AU  Vin, Chris, Serial
Midnight Conversation  - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - ATF  Ezra, Vin, CCC
Music Hath Charm  - Joan Curtin - ATF  Vin, All 7, Novella 
Never Destroyed  - Mel - OW  Vin, Ezra, All 7, CCC, Tearjerker
Next Lesson   - Linda B. - OW  Vin, CCC
Next Time  - Tiffiny - OW  Chris, Vin, Deathfic
The Night Before the Trial  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, Chris, CCC
Nightmares  - Mel - ATF  Vin, JPF
Office Party   - Linda B. - ATF  Vin, Holiday, C&A
One Hell Bent Heart  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, Nathan, Josiah, H/C
Orphans, Mothers & Sons  - SueN. - OW  Vin, Ezra, CCC
The Perfect Crime - (Gen version)  - KETanner - OW  Chris, Vin, All 7, Action
A Picture is Worth . . .  - Tiffiny - OW  Vin, Chris, Buck, CCC
Poems:The Bounty  Coming Storm  If I Had To Do It AgainChurch   - Linda B. - OW Vin, Holiday
Polite  - Mel - AU  Vin, CCC
Posting the Male  - Firefox - ATF  Vin, JD, Holiday
Priceless Things - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - OW  Vin, Serial, Romance
Pride  - Mel - OW  Vin, C&A
Promises Made   - Linda B. - OW  Vin, Chris, CCC
Reflected Obsession  - Anonymousisme - ATF  Chris/Vin, SS
River Styx- Estevana Rey -  OW  Vin, All 7, H/C, Action, CCC
The Road to Yuma  - Susan Zell - OW  Chris, Buck, Vin, CCC
Road Trip (with Cassie and Maggie)  - Mog - ATF  Vin, Ezra, Comedy
Silent Night  - SueN. - OW  Vin, All 7, Holiday
Sleep  - Mel - AU  Vin, CCC
Soul Mates  - C. V. Puerro - OW  Vin
Spittin' Butterfly Smoke  - Jackie and Ingunn - Vin, Ezra, JPF
St. Valentine's Day (sequel to Precious Things)  - Mel - AU  Vin, Holiday, Tearjerker
Star of Wonder  - Joan Curtin - OW  Vin, Chris, Rest of 7, Holiday
Stoics Anonymous  - Mel - AU,  All 7, Comedy
Stoics Revealed  - Mel - AU  All 7, Comedy
A Story for Lent  - Mel - AU  Vin, All 7, JPF
Surprises  - KETanner - ATF  Chris, Vin,  CCC, Tearjerker
That's Neither Hair, Nor There- Mods - ATF  Vin, All 7, JPF
These Precious Things  - Mel - AU  Vin, Tearjerker
Time Change  - Mel - AU  Vin, All 7, CCC
Time Stands Still   - Linda B. - ATF  Vin, Ezra, CCC
To Honor My Father  - Kimberly (KBJ) - OW  Vin, All 7, C&A
Too Good To Be True- Tiffiny - ATF  Vin, CCC, SS
Trapped  - Mel - OW  Vin, Chris, All 7, H/C
Travails   - Joan Curtin - OW   Vin, Chris, Rest of 7, Action, CCC
Two Kinds of Duty  - Hilary Fox - ATF  Vin, Chris, CCC, C&A
Underpass  - Mel - AU  Vin, Chris, CCC
Unsealed   - Linda B. - ATF  Vin, Ezra, Chris, CCC
Walking the Roots - Kimberly (KBJ) - OW  Vin, C&A, CCC
Whatever It Takes  - Joan Curtin - OW  Vin, Chris, H/C
Wild Things, Peach Pie & Firewords - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - OW, Vin, Serial, Romance, Children
A Winter Wonderland - Ronnee - JD, Vin, Action, H/C
Worth It  - Mel - AU  Vin, Chris, CCC
You'll Never Work In Dis Bidness   - Greenwoman - ATF  Vin, Ezra, CCC
Hurt Hawks - NotTasha - OW  Vin, JD  C&A
Best of Times, Worst of Times - Vin  -  Stacie  OW Vin, Chris  Holiday
Under Pressure  Meg Tipper  Ezra, Vin  Action
Figure of Speech  - Meg Tipper  Ezra, Vin, the Rest, Action
Cornerstone  - Meg Tipper - OW  Ezra, Vin, Rest of 7,   CCC
The Clod & the Pebble  [Sequel to Cornerstone] - Meg Tipper - OW  Ezra, Vin, Rest of 7, CCC
Shades  - Violette - ATF  Ezra, Vin  H/C
Goodbye to Old Friends  - Setcheti - OW  Vin  CCC
Shelter for the Heart   - Mods  OW Vin
End of the Rainbow Mods  OW  Ezra, Vin CCC
Moved by Silent HandsAlternate URL  - Painted Eyes -  OW  Vin, All 7  Novel  Action CCC
For Faith  - Painted Eyes  OW Vin All 7  Action CCC  Novel
Wrestling The Octopus - Joy K. - ATF  Vin, Ezra, All 7, CCC
Intersection  - Brionhet  OW+  Vin, Chris, Rest of 7, SS
Humans just ain't worth the trouble  Lily of the West  OW  Vin  Ezra  Comedy
A Man's Harmonica is a Sacred Thing    Tiffiny  OW  Vin, SS
Dark Oath Made  Subjective Reality  OW  Vin, All 7
An Inconvenience Rightly Considered  Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, Chris
The Angry Spirit's Yell  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, Ezra, Rest of 7
Going to See the Elephant  Cattraine & KlingonCat   OW  Vin, Rest of 7, Comedy
An Ill-Spent Youth  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, Rest of 7
On the Shoulders of Giants  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, All 7, Action
Kindness in Another's Trouble  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, Rest of 7, SS
The Tender Murderer   by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin  Rest of 7
Footfalls Echo in the Memory  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, Nathan, Rest of 7
The End of All Things  by Rhicy  OW  Chris, Rest of 7, Death Fic
Hindsight  by Rhicy OW [Companion piece to End of All Things]  Vin, Rest of 7
Tell Me All Your Thoughts on God  by Jin  ATF  Vin, All of 7, H/C
Big Lie, Small World  by Jin  OW  Vin, Chris, Buck, JD, Rest of 7
Seeing the Elephant  by J. Brooks  OW  Ezra, Vin, Buck, All 7  Action, Comedy
Be Still  by Jin  OW  Vin  Rest of 7
Come Home  by Jin  OW   Vin, Chris  Rest of 7,  H/C
Point of View   by Jin   ATF   Vin  All 7,  H/C
Bodyguards: See You on Monday   by Jean Graham  Modern AU, Ezra, Vin
Breaking Point  by Jin  ATF  Chris, Vin Rest of 7  [sequel to Point of View]
Counting Airplanes  by Jin  ATF  Vin, Chris
The Really Great Day  by Jin  OW  Chris Vin
Not a Love Story  by Jin  ATF  Vin, Chris, Rest of 7
I've Got a Name  by Jin OW  Vin, Chris, Rest of 7
Downfall  by Jin  OW  Vin Chris, Rest of 7 [sequel to I've Got a Name]
Just Words  by Jin  OW  Vin, Chris
Pure Poetry   by Jin  OW  Vin, Chris
FriendshipOW  Vin [2nd in What Makes a Man?]
Pursuit  by Katie OW  Vin, Ezra  H/C
First Time for Everything  by NotTasha  OW  Ezra, Vin

Home & Away **  Zeke Black  OW  Vin/OFC  Chris/Ezra
No Good Deed** - C. V. Puerro - OW  Vin/OFC
Ice**- Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Chris/Mary  Comedy
What If?** - Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Maria, Rest of 7
What to Do on a Rainy Day**- Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7
Two+One=Three** - Moar Sisters - OW  Chris/Maria/Vin,
Relatives**- Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7
On the Way Home** (Sequel to Relatives) - Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7 
Decisions** (sequel to On the Way Home) - Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7 
An Almost Perfect Christmas** - Moar Sisters -  OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7
Kidnapped**(sequel to Almost Perfect Christmas)  - Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Chris/Mary, Rest of 7
One Night in Eagle Bend**- Moar Sisters - OW  Vin, Buck, Chris & OFC's 
Perceptions**- Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7
Passion**- Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7
Not in Love**- Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7
Come the Dawn**- Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez,  Rest of 7 
Interlude**- Moar Sisters - OW  Vin, Inez, Mary, Chris
Fire**  - Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7 
A Night to Treasure**  Julia Verinder  OW, Het  Chris/OFC/Vin
Close Quarters**  Julia Verinder  OW  Het  Ezra/OFC/Vin
Of Horses and Men**  Julia Verinder  OW  Het  Vin/OFC
The Past is Never Dead*  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin/OFC , Rest of 7 
Kindred Spirits *  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin/OFC  Rest of 7, Het

VIN Unslashed
Vin is a main character but not part of a pairing

Snags**  Zeke Black  OW  Vin  Chris/Ezra
Of Lakes & Rivers *  Zeke Black OW  Vin  Chris/Ezra
Sunset** - Charlotte Hill - ATF  Chris/Buck,  Vin
Surprise*  - Charlotte Hill - ATF  Chris/Buck, Vin
Auld L'Anxiety**(BR)- C. V. Puerro - ATF  Chris/Buck, Vin, Comedy
Footsteps of Angels**- Megan - Chris/Buck, Vin, Rest of 7, Deathfic
A Guilty Heart Julia Verinder OW  Buck, JD, Chris, Vin
No Harm in Looking **Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, Buck/Chris, Buck/OFC, JD/Casey  Rest of 7

Alone Together* - Hilary Fox -ATF, Chris/Vin  CCC
Blue on Black* - Rita - ATF  Chris/Vin
Cold Enough to Snow*- Gwyneth Rhys - OW, Chris/Vin  Tearjerker, CCC
Conversations *- Maygra - ATF Chris/Vin, Buck  CCC
A Dawning Light* Also BR  - Annie - OW Chris/Vin, Buck H/C, 
Entertaining Angels*- Firefox - ATF Chris, CCC, Tearjerker
For Both of Us * - Firefox - ATF  Chris/Vin  Tearjerker
Give and Take * - Tiffiny - OW Chris/Vin
The Holster  * - Fiercy - ATF   Chris/Vin, JPS
The Idea of Need * - Hilary Fox - ATF   Chris [C/V], CCC
The Idea of Want * - Hilary Fox -  ATF  Vin [C/V], CCC
A Life Not Lost - Annie -  ATF Chris/Vin
The Locked Room**(BR) - Tiffiny - ATF  Chris/Vin
Love*- Amy - OW  Chris/Vin Chris/Ezra JPF
A Lucky Man* (Also BR) - Annie -  ATF Chris, Buck, Vin, CCC
Never Too Far- Firefox - ATF, Chris/Vin,  Tearjerker
Offsides* - Maygra - ATF  Chris/Vin 
Reflections of . . . * also BR - Tiffiny - Chris/Buck
Standby * - Annie - ATF  Chris/Vin
To Scratch an Itch - Annie - Chris/Vin, Buck
A Life Not Left* - Annie  - ATF  Vin/Chris  Rest of 7
The Twelve Pack*- Annie - ATF  Vin, CCC [Vin in context of C/V]
In Hiding* - Annie - ATF   Vin, CCC [sequel to Twelve Pack]
Ponderin*- Rita - ATF   Vin/Chris, CCC
So Much fer Easy**(BR)- SueN. -  OW   Vin/C, CCC
The Heart Has It's Reasons** - SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin, H/C
Abducted**- Tarlan - ATF  Chris/Vin, All 7, H/C
All That We're Allowed ** (BR) - SueN. - ATF  Vin, Chris, C/V CCC
All the Things That You Do** (alsoBR)- C. V.  Puerro - Chris/Vin AU, Comedy
Ashes and Smoke ** - SueN.  Chris/Vin  CCC
A Bad Day**- KETanner - OW, Chris/Vin (1st time), CCC
Begin the New ** Also B.R. adult - Annie - OW Chris/Vin  Holiday
Believe**(Sequel to World According to Garth) - SueN. -  Chris/Vin
Best Laid Plans* - Tiffiny - ATF Chris/Vin Comedy
Blossoms**Also B.R. adult   - Annie - OW  Chris/Vin, Buck,  Comedy
Blowin' Smoke** (BR)- SueN. - OW  Chris/Vin JPS
Body of Work - Heart **- Megan Kent - Chris/Vin [Alt. URL]
Body of Work - Head **- Megan Kent - Chris/Vin  [Alt URL]
Brass Ring Series** - KETanner - ATF Chris/Vin. All 7, Action, Tearjerker, H/C, Novellas/Series
Buffalo Man (Slash version) ** - Tarlan - OW, Chris/Vin, All 7, Action
Burning Angels **- Cattraine - Chris/Vin, Buck/Raphael, All 7,  AU, SS
Call Me **- Maygra - ATF  Chris/Vin 
The Christmas Present ** - Ruby J. - ATF Chris/Vin  JPS  Holiday
Close Encounters of Another Kind**- Klingoncat - OW, Chris/Vin (1st Time)
Closer to Heaven** (BR)- C. V. Puerro -  ATF  Vin/Chris, rest of 7
Come Fly With Me**(also BR) - SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin, JPS
Comin' Around**  - Annie - Chris/Vin
Counting Coup**   - ZorroRojo - Chris/Vin  H/C (WIP)
Country of the Heart**  - Charlotte Hill - Hunter's Moon AU Buck, Chris, Vin, Ezra
Cross Check **  - Maygra - ATF  Nathan, Chris/Vin H/C
Dark Angels **- Cattraine - Chris/Vin & All 7 AU, SS
The Decent Thing** (BR)- Sue N. - Chris/Vin
Declarations**- Tarlan -  Chris/Vin
Deep in the Heart of Taxes** - Kathy B. - ATF  Chris/Vin, JPS
Derailed** - Klingoncat - ATF Chris/Vin, All 7,  Action. (slash version)
Don't Come Much Livelier**(BR)- SueN. - OW  Chris/Vin, JPS
Don't Get Much ** - Gwyneth Rhys - OW  Chris/Vin,  CCC
Dot to Dot **  Also(BR) - Annie - ATF Vin/Chris & Rest of 7  Comedy
Down the Rabbit Hole  ** - Klingoncat - ATF Chris/Vin

Downpour* (Also BR)- Annie - OW, Chris/Vin & the rest [Pt 2 Down & Dirty**]
Dreamscapes**(BR)- Tiffiny - OW  Chris, Vin, SS
Egeo Fides** - Maygra - novella, follows Saving Grace  Chris/Vin All 7
Embarrassed* (Also BR) - Annie - ATF  Vin, Buck, JPF (context of C/V)
Every Rose Has Its Thorns**(also BR)- C. V. Puerro - OW Vin/Chris
Faceoff*- Maygra - ATF  Chris/Vin H/C, Comedy
A Fairy Tale Ending**(BR)- Tiffiny - ATF  Chris/Vin, All 7
Fragments: At the Gym - Chris **  - Megan Kent - Chris/Vin JPS
From the Ashes**(BR) - SueN. - OW  Chris/Vin
The Games-Round One: The Gym ** (BR)- Diamondback - Chris/Vin JPS
The Games-Round Two: The Office  **  (BR)- Diamondback - Chris/Vin JPS
The Ghosts of Christmas Past **- Ruby J. - ATF  Chris/Vin  Holiday  C&A
Grandpa**(BR)- SueN. - OW  Chris/Vin, CCC
The Greatest Gift  **(BR) sequel to gen fic Silent Night - SueN. -  Chris/Vin  Holiday
Grulla** (alsoBR) - Cattraine  OW  Chris/Vin
Heat** (BR)- Debbie K. - OW, Chris/Vin
Heat Lightning **  - Ruby J. - ATF  Chris/Vin  JPS
The Heaviest Weight ** - Hilary Fox - ATF, Chris/Vin
Home is Where the Heart Is **- Tarlan - Chris/Vin
Ideas**- Tiffiny - ATF Chris/Vin/Buck
In the Mood **- Maygra - ATF  Chris/Vin JPS
The Journey ** - Tarlan - Chris/Vin
Lie to Me, Revisited ** (BR)- Tiffiny - ATF  Chris/Vin SS
Like Lickin' Butter Off a Knife*- SueN. - OW  Chris/Vin
The Magnificent Bordello** - Robin Serrano - OW AU  Chris/Vin Buck, JD, Ezra  SS
Making it All Go Away **  - Ruby J. - ATF  Chris/Vin  Action
Mama, He's Crazy** (BR)- SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin CCC
Marked**- SueN. -  OW  Chris/Vin  JPS
Monday Night Fever**(BR)- SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin JPS
Needs Must * - Tiffiny - ATF Chris/Vin/Ezra Comedy
Of Mice and Men**- SueN. -  ATF  Chris/Vin  Comedy
On Any Given Sunday** (BR) - SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin  JPS
Opportunity Knocks ** - Giselle - ATF  Chris/Vin 
Out to Lunch ** - Annie - ATF Chris/Vin, All 7  JPF
The Perfect Crime ** - SueN. - ATF Chris/Vin H/C, Holiday, Tearjerker
The Perfect Crime **(slash version) - KETanner - OW Chris/Vin, All 7, Action
Point Blank Range ** - Stacie - OW  Chris/Vin
Proof of Trust **- Zorrorojo - Chris/Vin
Proof of Life **- Zorrorojo - Chris/Vin
Purgatory** - Robin Serrano - OW  Chris/Vin
Push** - Robin Serrano - OW  Chris/Vin
The Puzzle **- Stacie - ATF  Chris/Vin  Comedy
Remedy**- Robin Serrano - OW  Vin/Chris
Riding the Storm** - Tarlan - Chris/Vin
ROY G BIV  ** - Giselle - ATF Chris/Vin, JPS
Rules of the Game** (BR)- Tiffiny - ATF Chris/Vin Series
The Sadist's Grin **- Cobalt - SciFi AU Chris/Vin/Ezra, & the Rest  SS
Leverage* - Cobalt  Sadist's Grin AU  Chris/Vin Ezra  SS
Saving Grace ** - Maygra - ATF Chris/Vin, All 7, H/C  Novella
Scars** - SueN. - ATF Chris/Vin  H/C
Secrets** - Ruby J. - ATF  Chris/Vin, Buck, CCC
Secrets From the Past  ** - Steel - OW   Chris/Vin  CCC
Silent World **- Tarlan - OW, Chris/Vin, rest of 7
Sins Redeemed** - SueN. -  OW  Chris/Vin, Buck
Standing Tall  **  - Annie - OW Chris/Vin
Storm Shelter ** - Maygra - ATF  Chris/Vin  H/C
Sunset II**- Charlotte Hill - ATF  Chris/Vin, Buck
Taken** - Annie - OW  Vin/Chris
These Hands  **- SueN. - OW  Chris/Vin   H/C
The Thrill of Defeat** (BR) - SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin JPS
To Hold in a  Day**  - Maygra - ATF  Chris/Vin, Ezra, H/C.  Holiday
To Tell You the Truth 1 & 2**(BR)- Tiffiny - OW  Chris/Vin
To Touch In A Day** - Maygra -  ATF  Chris/Vin/Ezra
Vignettes**- also (BR)- C. V. Puerro - Vin - some stories with Chris and others, Slash & Slush
What We Hope to Learn** (also BR)- Annie - ATF Chris/Vin, Holiday
Wild Night **.- Maygra and Ruby J - ATF Chris/Vin
Wild Night II ** - Maygra and Ruby J. - ATF Chris/Vin
The World According to Garth**- SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin CCC
Music of the Rain**(alsoBR) - Stacie  OW  Chris/Vin
Foundations**- Stacie - ATF  C/V  All 7, CCC, Action
Shadows**(also BR) StacieOW Chris/Vin
Sweet Relief**  - SueN  OW  Chris/Vin
Sweetest Remedy** SueN OW  Chris/Vin
Unlonely**(alsoBR) Stacie OW Chris/Vin  Chris/Ezra
With a Touch**  SueN  ATF  Vin, Chris, Rest of 7, H/C
The Magnificent Bordello** byRobin Serrano - OW AU  Vin/Chris,All 7  SS, Series
One Day Out West**  ZorroRojo  Stargate X/over  Chris/Vin  All 7 
Phone Sex**  by Kaed  ATF  Chris/Vin  Buck, JPS, JPF
Phoenix**  by Zorrorojo  OW Chris/Vin Rest of 7  [Prequel to One Day Out West] 
Toeing the Mistle**(Also BR ) by Annie  OW  Chris/Vin, Comedy
Last One Standing* by Gwyneth Rhys  OW  Chris/Vin
Wind Change** (BR) by Blackbird  OW Chris/Vin Rest of 7


Songs in the Key of YouKitipurrATF  Vin/Ezra  Rest of 7  JPS
Masquerade* KitipurrATF  Ezra/Vin All 7 Action
First Dance* Katherine - ATF  Ezra/Vin  JPS
Interest**(alsoBR) OW  Ezra/Vin  JPF/JPS
To Touch In A Day**  - Maygra - ATF  Chris/Vin/Ezra
Later* - Katherine  7 for Hire AU   Ezra/Vin  Rest of 7, H/C  Action
Morning Rituals*  - Katherine  7 for Hire AU, Nathan, Ezra/Vin
Celebrating** - Katherine  7 for Hire AU  Ezra/Vin
Disclosures* Katherine 7 for Hire AU Vin/Ezra, Chris, Josiah  Houston Kinghts X
The Sadist's Grin ** - Cobalt - SciFi AU Chris/Vin/Ezra, & the Rest  SS
Leverage* - Cobalt  Sadist's Grin AU  Chris/Vin Ezra  SS
Needs Must * - Tiffiny - ATF Chris/Vin/Ezra Comedy
In the Arms of Another **(BR) - Tiffiny - OW Chris/Ezra
Camino del Diablo**  -  Diamondback  Devil's Road AU (OW Continuation AU)  All 7, C/B, V/E. Action, SS
Interlude:  Midnight of My Soul**  Diamondback,  Devil's Road AU, Vin, All 7, V/E
Email the author at diamondback158@yahoo.com directly to request information on these fics
April Shower** (BR)- Zool - OW  Vin/Ezra, JPS
And So It Goes  Cobalt  Dueling C's (modern) AU  E/V  C/B
Termination**  Cobalt  Renegade AU  Ezra/Vin  All 7, SS
Six Hours in Sleep **  Julia Verinder  OW Vin/Ezra
Served Cold ** by Julia Verinder  ATF  Vin  All 7  V/E  Action  Novella
Call of Nature**(also BR)  - Zool - OW  Vin, JPF, JPS
Getting It Right**(BR)- Tiffiny - ATF  Vin/OMC, CCC
Beautiful Youth**  Julia Verdinder  ATF  Vin/Josiah 
Encounters (series)**  Julia Verdinde  OW  Vin/Chanu  rest of 7
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