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Title List


Abducted** by Tarlan - ATF  Chris, Vin, Rest of 7, H/C

About Suffering  by NotTasha -  OW  Nathan, Ezra, Rest of 7  H/C (followed by Advice to My Son)

Across the Divide (series)- Sue Bartholomew -OW  Tearjerker,  Serial

The Wait (Ezra)
The Seven Ride Again (JD)
The Adventures of Johnny Castaway  - Ruby - JPF

Adverse Possession - Meg Tipper  OW  Ezra, All 7

Advice to My Son - NotTasha -  OW  Buck, Chris  CCC (Sequel to About Suffering)

After Clouds, Sun  - Linda B. -ATF  Vin, All 7

Aftermath  Helen Adams,  ATF  Nathan, Rest of 7, Holiday, JPF

All Frosting - Chocolate**  - Charlotte Hill - Buck/Chris  Comedy

All That We're Allowed ** (BR) - SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin CCC

All the Reasons Why- G. M. Atwater - OW, Buck, Chris, CCC, Romance [The perfect Buck story]

All the Things That You Do** (alsoBR) - C. V.  Puerro - Chris/Vin  Star Trek AU, Comedy

Alligator Alley- Hilary Fox -  ATF, Ezra, Vin, Comedy (Road Trip)

Alma Mater  - Hilary Fox - OW, All 7, CCC, C&A

Alone Together* - Hilary Fox -ATF, Chris/Vin Slush, CCC

Alpha Males  - Meg Tipper  OW  Ezra, Chris  A-Team X-Over

Altitude  - Tess  ATF  Ezra  CCC

An Almost Perfect Christmas ** - The Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7, Het, Holiday

Amazon Series:- NotTasha - OW Ezra, Vin All the 7 make appearances of varying importance depending on the story.

Includes: Down the Amazon, The Ledger, Redbird, Across the Andes, Strictly Business, A Desk of Fiddles, On the Shores of Lake Titicaca, Turnabout (is Fair Play), An Introduction
And So It Goes**  Cobalt    Dueling C's AU  E/V  C/B

Angels Bending Near - Joan Curtin - OW, Vin, All 7  Holiday

Angie -  Derry - ATF  Ezra & the rest, C&A

The Angry Spirit's Yell  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, Ezra, Rest of 7

Annie Greer's Brand New Boy Child- NotTasha - OW  Ezra   C&A

Another Brick  - Heather F. - ATF, Ezra, All 7, Comedy

Another Saturday Night - Sue Kelley  OW  Chris/Buck  All 7  Comedy

Answers  by Katie  OW  Buck, JD [WHN for L&H]

Apastapickle- Ruby -Ezra, JD, Vin JPF

April Shower ** (also BR) - Zool -OW  Vin/Ezra, JPS

As Time Goes By - PenKatt & May - ATF  JD, Buck, CCC, Action

Ashes and Smoke ** - SueN. - Chris/Vin CCC

At the Gate - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix -ATF, Vin, All the 7, Romance

Auld L'Anxiety ** (BR) - C. V. Puerro - ATF  Chris/Buck, Vin Comedy

Auto Observations at Ground Level - Mog - ATF  C&A  CCC

Awakening - Mel - AU  Vin  Holiday


A Bad Day**- KETanner - OW, Chris/Vin

Bad Things Happen: A Hero is a Hero - Tiffiny - ATF  JD, All 7, CCC

Bad Weather - NotTasha -  OW Ezra, JD  CCC

The Ballad of Bad-Ass Beamington   - Sarah Bartholomew - OW  All 7, Comedy

A Barstool at 10th & Main  - Setcheti - AU, Ezra, All 7

Bathroom on the Right  [Sequel to Bureau]  - Ruby - Ezra, JD,  Vin, Buck, JPF

Be Still  by Jin  OW  Vin  Rest of 7

Beautiful Youth**  Julia Verinder  ATF  Vin/Josiah

Bedeviled!- NotTasha - OW  All 7  JPF

Begin the New**Also B.R. - Annie - OW Vin/Chris  Holiday,

Beginnings- Elizabeth Sullivan - Modern AU, Vin, Chris Series/Novella

Believe**(Sequel to World According to Garth) - SueN. -  Chris/Vin

Best Laid Plans* - Tiffiny - ATF Chris/Vin Slush, Comedy

The Best Medicine   - Mel - OW  Vin, All 7, C&A

Best of Times, Worst of Times: Nathan  - Tarlan - OW  Nathan, All 7, Holiday

Best of Times, Worst of Times - Vin  -  Stacie  OW Vin, Chris  Holiday

Best Served Cold - Kath - OW, All 7, Action

The BET series  - Luna Dey - OW  All 7, Comedy

Bet You Could - Mel - OW  Chris, JD

The Better Man  - Tiffiny - OW Chris, Ezra  CCC

Better than Drinking Alone - Joan Curtin - OW, Buck, JD, Rest of 7, CCC

Betting Man   - Meg Tipper  Ezra, Rest of 7, Action

Beyond a Shadow * - Tiffiny - OW  All 7, Chris/Vin   CCC

Big Lie, Small World  by Jin  OW  Vin, Chris, Buck, JD, Rest of 7

A Birthday in the Present (Original ATF story)  - Mog - ATF  All 7, H/C

Blame**  - Cobalt - OW  Chris/Buck

Blindsided**(also BR) - Sharbro  Chris/Buck

Blood Trail - Joan Curtin - OW, Vin, Chris, All 7, H/C, Action

Blossoms**Also B.R. adult   - Annie - OW  Chris/Vin, Buck, Comedy

Blowin' Smoke** (BR)SueN. -  OW  Chris/Vin JPS

Blue on Black - Rita - ATF  Vin/Chris

Blue Ribbon by C.V. Puerro  (7 PIes, One Dessert Cart)  All 7, JPF

Body of Work - Heart **- Megan Kent - Chris/Vin  JPS  [Alt. URL]

Body of Work - Head **- Megan Kent - Chris/Vin  JPS [Alt URL]

Bodyguards: Name of the Game  by Jean Graham  Modern AU, Ezra, Buck, All 7  [WIP]

Bodyguards: See You on Monday   by Jean Graham  Modern AU, Ezra, Vin

Bolt Out of the Blue  - NotTasha - OW/ATF  Ezra,  All 7  Comedy

Borrowed Time - Estevana Rey - WWII AU All 7

Boxing Day - NotTasha - ATF  Ezra, All 7, Holiday

Brass Ring Series**- KETanner - ATF Vin/Chris. All 7, Action, Tearjerker, H/C, Novellas/Series

Bravado  by Mel - Modern AU  Vin  JPF

Brawl  by Katie  OW  All 7

Breaking Point  by Jin  ATF  Chris, Vin Rest of 7  [sequel to Point of View]

Bridge Burning  - Katmorg - ATF, JD, All 7, C&A, CCC, Action

The Bridge  - Desperado's Daughter - ATF, All Seven, Action, H/C

Brothers of Mercy   - Mel - AU  Vin, All 7   CCC

A Brush with Greatness   - Mady Bay - ATF  Nathan

Buckaroo**(BR)- Jody Revenson - Buck/OFC, Het

Buena Vista - NotTasha - Ezra,  Illustrated Comedy

Buffalo Man  - Tarlan - OW, All 7, Action

Buffalo Man (Slash) **- Tarlan - OW, Chris/Vin, All 7, Action

The Bull- Helen Chavez - OW, Buck, All 7, Comedy, C&A

Bureau  [Sequel to Apastapickle]  - Ruby - Ezra, JD, Vin, Buck, JPF

Burning Angels**- Cattraine - Chris/Vin, Buck/Raphael, All 7, Biker AU, SS

Burning Leaves**  Lumina  ATF (alt.reality) Ezra/Buck  WIP


Call Me **- Maygra - ATF  Chris/Vin

Call of Nature** (alsoBR) - Zool - OW Vin   JPF, JPS

Call of the Wild- Annie - ATF, Chris, Vin, Ezra, Buck, Comedy (Road Trip)

Camino del Diablo**  by  Diamondback  AU (OW Continuation AU)  All 7, SS
Email the author at diamondback158@yahoo.com directly to request information on these fics

Campfire Series** - C.V. Puerro also(BR) Chris/Buck

Candy from Strangers  - Hilary Fox - ATF, All 7, C&A, Comedy

Catch Manny  by Meg Tipper  EA-AU  All 7  Action

Catclysm - Brate - OW  All 7, JPF, C&A

Causes and Their Effects: A Missing Scene & Epilogue to 'Serpents' - Derry - OW  Nathan, Ezra & the rest

A Certain Tactile Sensitivity  - Meg Tipper - Ezra, All 7  CCC

The Challenge   - Anne Tolar - OW  Chris, Vin, Billy Travis  Action

The Challenge   - Hilary Fox - ATF, All 7, JPF

Chance Encounter*Alternate Joe Lawson  Hunter's Moon AU  C/B B/All

Chance Met Friends  - Tiffiny  OW  Chris, Buck CCC

Charade- NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, Rest of 7, CCC

Charades  - Meg Tipper - Ezra, Josiah, Maude   Action

The Chase (WIP - 43 pp so far)  - Desperado's Daughter - OW, Ezra, Vin, Action

Chasing Rainbows**(BR)- Marg - OW, JD/OFC  Het

Chattel - Subjective Reality - OW  Vin, Nathan H/C

Choices -- 'and such'** (BR) - Kim OW  Chris/Vin

The Christmas Present ** - Ruby J. - ATF Chris/Vin  JPS  Holiday

Christmas Spirit  - Beth Green,  ATF  All 7  Holiday

Church - Linda B. - OW, Vin, Holiday

City Maze  - Meg Tipper -  Equitable Action AU  Buck JD  JPF [funnier if you've actually driven in Boston]

Clear as a Bell  - NotTasha - OW  Ezra All 7 H/C

Close Encounters of Another Kind ** - Klingoncat - OW, Chris/Vin

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind - Tiffiny - ATF  All 7, SS

Closer to Heaven** (BR)- C. V. Puerro -  ATF  Vin/Chris rest of 7

The Clod & the Pebble  [Sequel to Cornerstone] - Meg Tipper - OW  Ezra, Vin, Rest of 7, CCC

Coercion (WIP - 74 pp so far) - Desperado's Daughter -  OW All Seven, Action

Cold Enough to Snow- Gwyneth Rhys - OW, Chris/Vin  Tearjerker, CCC

Cold Hard Cash  - J. Brooks - Ezra, Chris, Buck, Action, Comedy

Colors - Series starting with Red   - Linda B. - OW  All 7,  some JPF, others CCC

Come Fly With Me** - SueN. - Chris/Vin JPS

Come Home  by Jin  OW   Vin, Chris  Rest of 7,  H/C

Come the Dawn** - Moar Sisters - OW Vin/Inez  Rest of 7  Het

Comfort and Joy **  by Julia Verinder  OW  Buck/Ezra

Comin' Around** - Annie - Chris/Vin

Coming Home  - TrishA. - OW  Vin, Chris, CCC

Coming to an End  - Meg Tipper  CCC (canon character POV)

(Committed) to Memory**  Cobalt  Ezra/Vin

Conspiracies- Desperado's Daughter - OW, Nathan, JD, All 7  Action

Conversations - Maygra - ATF Chris/Vin, Buck  CCC [related to Saving Grace]

Conversations in Solitaire- KatMorg - Buck, JD, Casey, CCC

Cornerstone  - Meg Tipper - OW  Ezra, Vin, Rest of 7,   CCC

Cornwall to London by KT RNLI AU Buck, Vin, Ezra

Countdown to Christmas   - Kathy B. OW All 7, Holiday, Serial

Counting Coup**   - ZorroRojo - Chris/Vin  H/C (WIP)

Counting Airplanes  by Jin  ATF  Vin, Chris

Country of the Heart**- by Charlotte Hill - Hunter's Moon AU Buck, Chris, Vin, Ezra

The Coyote Chronicles   - Mods - OW  All 7 Series

Crisp & Sweet  - LIbby  OW  Vin

Cross Check **  - Maygra - ATF  Nathan, Chris/Vin   H/C

Crossroads- Mitzi - OW  All 7  CCC Novella

The Crying Waters - Kimberly (KBJ) - OW, Vin, All 7, C&A, Novella

The Cur - Series- Linda B. - OW Vin, All 7, C&A, Tearjerker

Curse of the Red Nose  - Mods  ATF  Vin, Rest of 7, JPF


Dark Angels **- Cattraine - Chris/Vin & All Seven AU, SS

Dark Oath Made  Subjective Reality  OW  Vin, All 7

Darkest Hours   - Estevana Rey - OW  All 7  H/C Novella

A Dawning Light Also BR - Annie - OW Chris/Vin, Buck H/C

The Day of the Dead- Lady Chal - JD, Rest of 7, Deathfic

Days of Fire  - Sarah B. - OW  All 7, Action

Days of Friendship   - Helen Adams - OW, Josiah, Nathan, Chris, rest of 7, CCC, H/C

Dead Cat Walking  - Greenwoman - ATF, All 7, JPF, C&A

Deal - Elizabeth Sullivan - Modern AU, Vin, Josiah

Dealer's Choice  Sue Bartholomew  OW  Ezra, All 7

Debts & Decisions  - Firefox - OW, Chris, All 7, CCC

The Decent Thing** (BR) - SueN  OW  Chris/Vin JPS

Decisions**(sequel to On the Way Home) - Moar Sisters -  OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7  Het

Declarations** - Tarlan -  Chris/Vin

The Decorators - Meg Tipper - Equitable Action AU  Buck, Nathan, Ezra  JPF

Deep in the Heart of Taxes**- Kathy B. - ATF, Chris/Vin, JPS

Departures:  Nathan's Apology - Sue Bartholomew - OW  Ezra, Nathan, CCC

Derailed**- Klingoncat - ATF Chris/Vin, All 7,  Action. (slash version)

Derailed- Klingoncat - ATF, All 7, Action

Deserving - Mel - Modern AU  Vin  CCC

Desires Tess ATF  Ezra, All 7

Devil of a Time - NotTasha -  All 7, JPF

Devil's Bargain - SueN. - OW, Vin All 7, H/C  CCC

The Devil's Song  - Trish A. - OW  Vin, Rest of the Seven, Tearjerker

DINNER (Series) **(BR)  - Annie - ATF Buck/Ezra  Comedy

The Apéritif**(BR)
 The Appetizer
 Les Huitres, Oysters
Discourse on the Sober Life  - Hilary Fox - ATF, All 7, JPF

Distant Horizon  - Libby  OW  Ezra  All 7

Don't Come Much Livelier** (BR)- SueN. -  Chris/Vin  JPS

Don't Get Much  - Gwyneth Rhys - OW  Chris/Vin,  CCC

Dot to Dot ** Also(BR)   - Annie - ATF Vin/Chris & Rest of Seven  Comedy

Down the Rabbit Hole  **- Klingoncat - ATF Chris/Vin

Down Time- Helen Chavez - Josiah, All 7, CCC, Holiday [Also  Black Raptor Down Time]

Downfall  by Jin  OW  Vin Chris, Rest of 7 [sequel to I've Got a Name]

Downpour(Also BR)  - Annie - OW, Chris/Vin & the rest [Pt 2 Down & Dirty**]

Dragons- Linda B. - OW Vin, Chris, Buck  Action

Dreamscapes **(BR) - Tiffiny - OW  Chris, Vin  SS

Driven- SueN - OW  All 7  H/C  CCC

Dustup by Elizabeth Sullivan - Modern AU, Vin, Chris

Dying Ain't Much of a Living  - Tiffiny - OW  Vin, All 7  DeathFic


Easter Story  - Mel - OW  Vin, Chris, H/C

Egeo Fides **sequel to Saving Grace (sort of) - Maygra - novella

Elvis and Me   - Beth Green - ATF Buck, JD & the rest; JPF

Embarrassed(Also BR  - Annie - ATF  Vin/(Chris), Buck, JPF

Encounters (series)**  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin/Chanu  rest of 7

The End of All Things  by Rhicy  OW  Chris, Rest of 7, Death Fic

End of the Rainbow  - Mods  OW  Ezra, Vin CCC

Endings - Elizabeth Sullivan - Modern AU, Vin, Chris, Series

Entertaining Angels- Firefox - ATF Chris/(Vin), CCC, Tearjerker

Ephemeral  NotTasha  OW  Ezra  C&A  (part of Annie Greer series)

Equitable Action  - Meg Tipper - EA AU  All 7 Action (Legal & the Old Fashioned Kind)

Every H/C Story You've Even Read  - SueN. - JPF

Every Rose Has Its Thorns**  Also (BR) C. V. Puerro - OW Vin/Chris

The Explorer - J. Brooks -  OW  All 7  Action

Ezra's Feast - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, Chris, Rest of 7  Action

Ezra's Secret  Beth Green  ATF Ezra, All 7  JPF


Face Value  - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - OW, Vin, All the Seven, H/C, Serial, Romance

Faceoff - Maygra - ATF  Chris/Vin  H/C, Comedy

Facets: That First Step   - Deb - OW Casey, Vin, CCC

Facets: Doubt and Faith    - Deb - OW Nathan, Vin, CCC

Facets:  Kaleidoscope   - Deb - OW  Buck, Vin, CCC

Facets:  Upon This Rock   - Deb - OW  Josiah, Vin, CCC

Facets:  A Pride of Lions   - Deb - OW  Chris, Josiah, Vin, CCC

Facets:  The Mask Drops  - Deb - OW  JD, Vin, CCC

Facets:  Very Funny, Mister Tanner  - Deb - OW, Ezra, Vin, CCC

Facets:  Words by Heart  - Deb - OW  Mary, Vin, CCC

Fade to Black - SueN - ATF All 7 H/C

A Fairy Tale Ending**(BR) - Tiffiny - ATF  Chris/Vin, All 7

Faith  by Katie  OW  Buck, JD  [3rd in What Makes a Man? series.]

Father's Day  - Jody Revenson - ATF, Buck, JD, Rest of 7, Action, CCC

Father's Day Sinners  - KT-  ATF  Ezra, Buck w/JD & Chris  CCC

Fear- Celeste - OW Chris, All 7,  CCC

February the 13th  - LaraMee Deux - ATF, All 7 sans Chris & Vin, Holiday, Comedy

Fellow Travelers- J. Brooks -  Ezra, All 7, Action, Comedy, C&A, Rule Exception

Fighting Midnight** (BR)- Firefox - ATF, Ezra/Buck,  Action

Figure of Speech  - Meg Tipper  Ezra, Vin,  Rest of 7, Action

Figure of Speech - NotTasha  Ezra, with Buck, JD, Joshiah
Final Call - Sue Bartholomew - OW  Ezra, Josiah, rest of 7  Deathfic

Fine Edge of the Blade  - TrishA. - OW Nathan, Rest of the Seven, CCC

Fire** - Moar Sisters -  OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7  Het

First Christmas   - Mel -  Modern AU,  Vin, Chris  Holiday

First Dance Katherine - ATF  Ezra/Vin  JPS

First Time for Everything  - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, Vin

Floods, Momma Cows and Crocodiles  Heather F.  All 7 JPF

Following the Fence Home - NotTasha -
OW  Ezra, All 7, H/C

A Fool and His Boots  NotTasha OW  Buck, All 7 JPF

Footfalls Echo in the Memory  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, Nathan, Rest of 7

Footsteps of Angels**- Megan Kent -  Chris/Buck  Rest of Seven  Deathfic

For a Good Cause  - Heather M. - ATF  All 7, JPS

For Auld L'ang Syne **- Charlotte Hill - ATF Chris/Buck

For Both of Us  - Firefox - ATF  Chris/Vin , Tearjerker

For Faith  - Painted Eyes  OW All 7  Action CCC  Novel

For the Best  Cobalt  OW  Chris/Buck

42:17  - Hilary Fox - OW, Vin, All 7, Deathfic

48 Hours -  Mitzi - OW  Buck, Ezra  Novella, Action, CCC

Foundations**- Stacie - ATF  C/V  All 7, CCC, Action

Four Corners Police Dept.- Heidi & Cin -  AU   All 7, Action, Novella plus short stories  [Novella is a WIP]

Four Kingdoms AU   Meg Tipper  All 7  Medieval/fantasy AU

Fractured  Charlotte Hill  Skip Trace AU  Chris/Buck

Fragments: At the Gym - Chris **   - Megan Kent - Chris/Vin JPS

A Friend to Me  - Mitzi - OW  All 7 Novella, CCC, Action

Friends for Life  - C. L. Combs - Buck, Chris, C&A, CCC

Friendship  by Katie  OW  Vin [2nd in What Makes a Man?]

From the Ashes** (BR)  - SueN. - Chris/Vin

From the Files of Buck Wilmington, PIMeg Tipper  EA AU Buck  JPF

Full Moon  - Patricia Merritt - OW  Ezra  JPF


A Gambling Boy (Sequel to Annie Greer)- NotTasha -  OW  Ezra  C&A

A Game of Chance  by Helen Adams, OW  Ezra, All 7

The Game's in Play by NotTasha OW  Nathan, Ezra

The Games-Round One: The Gym ** - (BR) Diamondback - Chris/Vin JPS

The Games-Round Two: The Office ** - (BR) Diamondback - Chris/Vin JPS

A Gathering of Lions - G. M. Atwater - ATF All 7  CCC

Getting It Right** (BR) - Tiffiny - ATF   Vin/OMC  CCC

Getting What You Paid For  Cycnus  OW, cross-over, Ezra, Rest of 7

Ghosts- Joan Curtin - OW  Vin, All 7  CCC, Action

The Ghosts of Christmas Past **- Ruby J. - ATF  Chris/Vin
Holiday  C&A

A Gift of Patience by NotTasha  OW Nathan, Ezra

The Gift  by Firefox  ATF Ezra/Buck  Holiday

Give and Take - Tiffiny - OW Chris/Vin

Give me head!  - TrishA  Chris/Vin  JPF

Giving & [sequel] Principles of Magic   - Linda B. - OW, Vin, All 7  Holiday

Going Home Again  - Meg Tipper  OW EA-AU  All 7, Action, SS

Going to See the Elephant  Cattraine & KlingonCat   OW  Vin, Rest of 7, Comedy

Golden Chain  - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - ATF Ezra/OFC, Romance

A Golden Glow - NotTasha  OW  Ezra CCC (sequel to In the Silver Light)

A Good Name   NotTasha  OW  Buck, Ezra
Good Name II OW  Vin, rest of 7
Good Name III, IVOW  JD, Nathan  then All 7

Goodbye to Old Friends  - Setcheti - OW  Vin

Grandpa** (BR) - SueN. - Chris/Vin CCC

Gratitude  Tiffiny  OW  Ezra

Gray- NotTasha - OW  Ezra Buck C&A

The Greatest Gift  **(BR)[sequel to gen fic Silent Night] - SueN. -  Chris/Vin  Holiday

Green Beer **- Diamondback - ATF Chris/Buck,  JPS, Holiday

Grulla** (alsoBR Cattraine OW  Chris/Vin

Guilt Trip  KT  OW  Buck, Ezra, Rest of 7  Action, CCC
Gunfight in Nogales  by Jennifer OW  Lancer/X  Chris & Johnny Madrid (aka Johnny Lancer)


Happenstance  - Subjective Reality - OW  Vin, JD  H/C

Happy Trails** - Sabro  Buck/Vin  JPS

The Hazard of the Die** by Zeke Black  OW Chris/Ezra

He Knows  - Sammy Girl  Chris/Vin, Buck

Healing  [also BR] - Tiffiny -OW, Nathan/Ezra  CCC

Healing with a Gift by KT  RNLI AU  JD, Buck, Rest of 7

Hearing Things (Alternate) - Tiffiny - ATF All 7 JPF

The Heart Has It's Reasons **- SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin H/C

Hearth &  Home - Joan Curtin - ATF  Vin, Holiday

Heat** (BR) - Debbi K. - OW, Chris/Vin,

Heat Lightning **   - Ruby J. - ATF  Chris/Vin  JPS

The Heaviest Weight **- Hilary Fox - ATF, Chris/Vin

Hell, Ham, Milkshakes & Mayhem  - Heidi - ATF, All 7, Comedy

Helluva Thing- SueN. - OW  Vin, All 7  H/C

A Helping Hand   by Julia Verinder  OW  Josiah/Nathan, Rest of 7  H/C

Here's to Many More Lively Conversations  - Meg Tipper  OW  Ezra, Josiah

Hero - Desperado's Daughter - OW, JD, All Seven, Action, H/C

Herpetology  - Heather F. - ATF Vin, Ezra, Comedy, Action

Hidden Talents  Katherine  ATF  Ezra, Vin Rest of 7

Hindsight  by Rhicy OW [Companion piece to End of All Things]  Vin, Rest of 7

Historical Happenings  - Libby  OW  All 7

Holiday Traditions   - LaraMee Deux - OW  Chris, Vin, Holiday, CCC
The Holster  - Fiercy - ATF, Chris/Vin, JPS

Home & Away **Het  - Zeke Black  OW  Vin/OFC  (Chris/ Ezra)

Home for Christmas  by Katie  OW  Buck, JD, Holiday

Home is Where the Heart Is ** - Tarlan - Chris/Vin

Home of the Brave  NotTasha  OW  Ezra  C&A  (part of Annie Greer series)

Homecoming- KETanner -  OW   All 7, Deathfic

Hope  - Mel - OW  Vin, Chris  H/C, CCC

Hope, and Angels' Wings - G. M. Atwater - OW  All 7,  Holiday

Horse Tales Series - NotTasha - Ezra, C&A

Hospital  - Mel -  Modern AU, Chris, Vin, All 7, H/C

The Hound of the Standishs **  - Sammy Girl  Adaptation  Buck/Chris, Ezra/Vin rest

How Did He Get That Car?   - Mog - ATF  Ezra  CCC

Humans just ain't worth the trouble  Lily of the West  OW  Vin  Ezra  Comedy

Hunter's Moon AU:

Joe Lawson:
Hunter's Moon **  All 7, Buck/All
Chance EncounterAlternate   C/B B/All
Silver & Shadows** Alternate    C/B
Mad Dog** Alternate  All 7

Hunting Party ** The 7, Comedy

Charlotte Hill:
Country of the Heart**  Buck, Chris, Vin, Ezra

Letting in the Jungle** All 7, C/B, C/B/V, E/JD, B/V

Hurt  - Mel - AU  Vin, All 7, Tearjerker

Hurt Hawks - NotTasha - OW  Vin, JD  C&A

Hypnotic** CycnusOW  Chris/Ezra


I Will Help You   - Mitzi - OW  All 7  CCC Novella, Kung Fu X-over, Action

Ice**- Moar Sisters - OW   Vin/Inez  Chris/Mary Het Comedy

The Idea of Need - Hilary Fox - ATF, Chris/(Vin), CCC

The Idea of Want - Hilary Fox - ATF, Vin/(Chris), CCC

Ideas**- Tiffiny - ATF Chris/Vin/Buck

Identity- Hilary Fox - ATF  Ezra, CCC

If Only (Sequel to NotTasha's Snake in the Grass)  - Kelly A. - Ezra

An Ill-Spent Youth  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, Rest of 7

Illusion of Choice  - Cyc - Meta7 AU  Ezra, All 7

Immortal 7 AU - Katherine:

Immortal 7 [Also BR.]  Ezra, All 7  AU
Immortal Remembrance  [Also BR as Immortal Seven, Remembrance.] Ezra, JD  AU
Across the Bridge  [On BR as Immortal Seven Revisited] Ezra, All 7  Immortal 7 AU
Sick Sense of Humor  [Also BR] Ezra, Rest of 7  AU
Facts of Life  [Also BR]  Ezra, Buck AU
On Being Immortal   Josiah, Nathan AU
Old Friends & New Information  Ezra, JD  AU
Waging War  Ezra  CCC

In for a Peso, In for a Pound- Sue N. - OW  Vin, Chris, H/C  C&A

In Hiding  (Also BR)   - Annie - ATF   Vin/(Chris), All 7, CCC

In the Arms of Another **(BR) - Tiffiny - OW Chris/Ezra

In the Mood **- Maygra - ATF  Chris/Vin JPS

In the Silver Light - NotTasha - OW  Ezra CCC [sequel - Golden Glow]

Inchoate**  Cobalt  preATF  Chris/Buck

Incident on a Summer Day - Sue
Bartholomew - OW  All 7, Chris,  H/C

An Inconvenience Rightly Considered  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, Chris

Independence - NotTasha - OW  Ezra, Chris, Vin

Independence Day    - Charlotte Hill - Buck, Chris, CCC

Inevitable**  - Charlotte Hill  ATF  Chris/Buck

Inkslingers- J. Brooks - OW  All 7, Comedy

Interest**(alsoBR) - C. V. Puerro - OW  Ezra/Vin  JPF/JPS

Interlude**- Moar Sisters - OW Vin/Inez, Mary/Chris  Het

Interlude:  Midnight of My Soul**  by Diamondback  Devil's Road AU, Vin, All 7, V/E
Email the author at diamondback158@yahoo.com directly to request information on this fic.

Intersection  - Brionhet  OW+  Vin, Chris, Rest of 7, SS

In the Beginning  by ZorroRojo  Modern AU  All 7

Into the Cold  - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, All 7, Action

Into the Unknown   - Mel - Modern AU  Vin, All 7, CCC

It's Not Just a Job, It's an Adventure- Tiffiny -ATF  Buck/Ezra   Comedy

I've Got a Name  by Jin OW  Vin, Chris, Rest of 7


The Journey ** - Tarlan - Chris/Vin

July Daze  - Meg Tipper  Buck, JD cameo by Vin, Ezra, JPF

Just Another Day  by Karlee Keene  OW  Buck

Just a Piece in a Jigsaw Puzzle    by Julia Verinder  OW  Chris, All 7

Just Deserts  (sequel to Eza's Feast) - NotTasha - OW  Ezra, All 7

Just Words  by Jin  OW  Vin, Chris


Keeping On  - Hilary Fox - ATF, JD, Buck, Vin, Rest of the 7, H/C

Kidnapped**(sequel to Almost Perfect
Christmas) - Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez Chris/Mary All 7 Het

Killing Time - Joan Curtin - OW  Vin, All 7 Action, CCC

A Kind of Peace    TiffinyOW  Death Fic  Vin

Kindness in Another's Trouble  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, Rest of 7, SS

Kindred Spirits *  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin/OFC  Rest of 7, Het

Kings & Vagabonds I & II by Jean Graham  Fantasy AU  All 7  [Pt. II is a WIP]

Knowing - Linda B. - OW  Vin  CCC


La Corrido del Coyote - G. M. Atwater - OW  All 7  CCC, Action, C&A

Lament of a Gambler  Mog  OW  Poem

Last Man Standing   - Linda B. - OW  Vin Ezra, SS

The Last Word  by Linda B. - OW  Vin, All 7, Comedy

Last Stand  by Katie  OW  All 7

Late Night Conversation - Mods OW  Buck, Chris  CCC

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon** Alternate  - Charlotte Hill  Chris/Buck  JPS

Legacies  - Sarah Bartholomew - OW  JD  All 7, CCC, Deathfic

Legends Born Series- Joan Curtin - OW   All 7, CCC

The Leopard & His Spots - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, All 7, Action, H/C

The Lesson - Series   - Linda B. - OW Vin, CCC, C&A

Let the Game Begin - Tiffiny - ATF  All 7, SS

Leverage - Cobalt  SciFi AU  Chris/Vin Ezra  SS

Lie to Me, Revisited ** (BR)  - Tiffiny - ATF  Chris/Vin  SS

Life Left Behind   - Mods - ATF  Vin, Chris  CCC

A Life Not Lost* - Annie  - ATF  Vin/Chris  Rest of 7

The Life of the Party  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, Chris, CCC

Life, Sans the Living   - KatMorg - All 7, Deathfic

Light My Fire  - KatMorg - ATF JD, H/C

Like Lickin' Butter Off a Knife - SueN. - OW  Chris/Vin

Like Old Times ** - Charlotte Hill - OW  Chris/Buck

A Literary Woman (sequel to Angie)  - Derry - ATF  Ezra All 7  C&A

A Little Nearer  - Amy - ATF  Buck/Ezra

Live to Fight On  - Libby  OW  All 7  SS

Lloyd at 20,000 Feet  - Ruby - JPF

The Locked Room**(BR) - Tiffiny - ATF  Chris/Vin  Slush

Lone Wolf series   - Yolande - OW  Vin, All 7

A Long Remembered Winter   - Sue Bartholomew - OW  All 7, Action

Lost at Sea  - Meg Tipper - OW  Ezra  C&A

Lost'd- DorkJunkie & SassySouix - OW  Vin, Serial, Romance, Children

Love - Amy - OW  Chris/Vin Chris/Ezra JPF

Lucifer Match   - Gwyneth Rhys - OW  Novella

A Lucky Man (Also BR) - Annie -ATF Chris, Buck, Vin, CCC

Lying Down - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, Rest of 7, Action, H/C


Magpie   by Meg Tipper  OW  Ezra, All Seven

Magical Cats & Sewer Rats  - Mods - ATF  All 7  Comedy

The Magnificent Bordello** by  Robin Serrano - OW AU  Vin/Chris,All 7  SS, Series

Make Way  - Klingoncat - OW Vin, C&A

Make Way for Vin - Klingoncat - OW Vin, All 7, C&A, Comedy

Making it All Go Away **- Ruby J. - ATF  Chris/Vin  Action

Make-up Sex** - Charlotte Hill  Chris/Buck JD Vin

Mama, He's Crazy** (BR) - SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin CCC

A Man & His Boots - NotTasha - OW  Buck, Rest of 7, Comedy

The Man With No Name- Debbie K. - OW   Vin, Rest of Seven, CCC

A Man's Harmonica is a Sacred Thing    Tiffiny  OW  Vin, SS

Marked**- SueN. -OW  Chris/Vin  JPS

A Matter of Time  - LIbby  ATF  JD, All 7 Action

Matters of Coincidence  - Mog  OW  Ezra, Vin  Action

Middlings - Elizabeth Sullivan - Modern AU   Vin, Chris Series

Midnight Conversation   - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - ATF  Ezra, Vin, CCC

Minions of Satan  - Stacie  OW  Chris  SS

Missing, One Agent, Slightly Used   - Ronnee - ATF  All 7 Action

Mistletoe   by Helen Adams,  OW  Ezra, Buck, Vin, Josiah, Inez rest of 7  Holiday

Monday Night Fever**(BR) - SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin JPS

Montezuma's Revenge  by J. Brooks   ATF All 7, Comedy [Sequel to What Happens in Vegas]

A More Perfect Union   - Sue Bartholomew - OW,  Ezra, Chris, CCC

More Than Gold - NotTasha - Ezra, Buck, JD, Rest of 7, Action

Moved by Silent HandsAlternate URL  - Painted Eyes -  OW  Vin, All 7  Novel  Action CCC

Music Hath Charm  - Joan Curtin - ATF  Vin, All 7, Novella

Music Hath Charms   - Patricia Merritt - OW  Josiah, All 7,  Comedy

Music of the Rain**(alsoBR) - Stacie  OW  Chris/Vin

My December** - C.V. Puerro  Buck/Ezra  Holiday

My Name is Legion   - Sarah Bartholomew - OW  All 7 H/C  Action  CCC

My Way  - LIbby  ATF  JD, Rest of 7


Needs Must  - Tiffiny - ATF Chris/Vin/Ezra Comedy

Never Destroyed   - Mel - OW  Vin, Ezra, All 7  CCC, Tearjerker

Never Too Far - Firefox - ATF, Chris/Vin,  Tearjerker

New Crew KT - Modern RNLI AU, The 7, CCC, Action

Next Lesson  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, CCC

Next Time  - Trish A. - OW, Chris, Vin, Deathfic

The Night Before the Trial  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, Chris, CCC

A Night to Treasure**  by Julia Verinder  OW, Het  Chris/OFC/Vin

Nightmares  - Mel - ATF  Vin  JPF

No Good Deed ** HetAlso (BR) - C. V. Puerro - OW  Vin/OFC  Tearjerker

No Harm in Looking **  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, Buck, Chris, Rest of 7

No Place Like Home - J. Brooks - OW  JD, Ezra  Comedy

Nobody Loses All the Time  - J. Brooks - Buck, Rest of 7, Comedy

Not a Love Story  by Jin  ATF  Vin, Chris, Rest of 7

Not in Love** - Moar Sisters -OW  Vin/Inez Rest of 7  Het

Not as They Seem  - Yolande  OW, All 7

Nothing   - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, Nathan, Rest of 7, CCC


O Christmas Tree   - SueN  ATF  Chris/Vin  Holiday

Of Fish  - Meg Tipper - OW  JD, Ezra  CCC

Of Lakes & Rivers  Zeke Black  OW  Vin  Chris/Ezra

Of Mice and Men**- SueN. -  ATF  Chris/Vin   Comedy

Of Horses and Men**  by Julia Verinder  OW  Het  Vin/OFC

Offering Comfort**   Katherine  ATF  Ezra/Buck  JPS

Office Gossip  - Tiffiny  ATF  Buck  JPF

Office Party  - Linda B. - ATF  Vin, Holiday, C&A

Offsides* - Maygra - ATF  Chris/Vin

Old Foes- KT - Modern AU, The 7, Action

On Any Given Sunday** (BR) - SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin  JPS

On the Eve of St. Valentine - Tiffiny - ATF  All 7, Holiday, CCC

On the Outskirt of Tascosa  - Sue Bartholomew - OW  Ezra, All 7, CCC

On the Shoulders of Giants  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin, All 7, Action

On the Way Home** (Sequel to Relatives) - Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7 Het

One Day Out West**  ZorroRojo  Stargate X/over  Chris/Vin  All 7

One Hell Bent Heart  - Linda B. - OW   Vin, Nathan, Josiah, H/C

One More Step *  - Zeke Black  OW  JD, Chris/Ezra  All 7

One Night in Eagle Bend** - Moar Sisters - OW  Vin, Buck, Chris & OFC's  Het

One Night in Vegas  - KT- ATF? Buck  C&A

One Reason  - Kim - ATF All 7, CCC. Tearjerker

One Sunday Morning**  by Sue Kelley  OW  Chris/Buck  All 7   Comedy

Opportunity Knocks **- Giselle - ATF, Chris/Vin

Orphans, Mothers & Sons   - SueN. - OW  Vin, Ezra  CCC

Other Hearts  - Greenwoman  ATF  Chris/Vin, Buck/Ezra  Rest of 7

Out of the Frying Pan  - Mady Bay - ATF  All 7, CCC

Out to Lunch ** (Also BR)- Annie - ATF Chris/Vin, All 7  JPF

The Outlaws  - Desperado's Daughter - OW, JD, Chris, H/C, Action

Overlooking the Obvious  - Katherine  ATF  Ezra/Buck  Vin


Parables(series of seven stories) - Hilary Fox - OW All the 7, H/C

Pass the Buck   - Mods  ATF/OW  Buck, Rest of 7, JPF

Passion**- Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7, Het

The Past is Never Dead*  by Julia Verinder  OW  Vin/OFC , Rest of 7  Het

Penance- Desperado's Daughter - OW, JD, All 7, Action, H/C

Perceptions**- Moar Sisters - OW Vin/Inez, Rest of 7  Het

Perchance to Dream  - US   Buck, Chris  SS

A Perfect Christmas **- SueN. - ATF Chris/Vin H/C, Holiday, Tearjerker

The Perfect Crime ** (slash version) - KETanner - OW Chris/Vin, All 7, Action

The Perfect Crime - (Gen version) - KETanner - OW, Chris, Vin, All 7, Action

Persona Non Grata  (WIP - 110 pp so far)  - Desperado's Daughter - ATF  All 7, Action

A Picture is Worth... - Tiffiny - OW  Vin, Chris, Buck CCC

Pie in the Sky  - NotTasha - Ezra, Nettie, CCC

Pieces of Me - Hilary Fox - OW  Ezra, JD, H/C, CCC

Pied Beauty - NotTasha - Ezra, Josiah, CCC

Pilgrim Heart - Gwyneth Rhys - OW Novella  Chris/Vin

Pilgrim Soul  - Amy - ATF  Buck/Ezra

Phoenix**  by Zorrorojo  OW Chris/Vin Rest of 7  [Prequel to One Day Out West]

Phone Sex**  by Kaed  ATF  Chris/Vin  Buck, JPS, JPF

Plenty to Go Around** - Charlotte Hill  ATF  Chris/Buck  Chris/Vin

Poems:  The Bounty  Coming Storm  If I Had To Do It Again - Linda B.

Point of View   by Jin  ATF   All 7,  H/C

Point Blank Range**- Stacie - OW  Chris/Vin

Polite - Mel - Modern AU  Vin  CCC

Ponderin*- Rita - ATF Vin   CCC

Positively Beaming  - Firefox - ATF  All 7, Comedy

Posting the Male  - Firefox - ATF  Vin, JD, Holiday

Potter's Field - Desperado's Daughter - OW, All 7, H/C, Action

PQL [Project Quantum Leap] - NotTasha - SciFi AU series

PQL: Trade Off by NotTasha All 7, Holiday

Priceless Things - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - OW Vin, Series, Romance

Pride- Mel - OW  Vin  C&A

Promises  - Sarah Bartholomew - OW, JD, Casey, Tearjerker

Promises Made  - Linda B. - OW  Vin, Chris, CCC

Proof of Trust **- Zorrorojo - Chris/Vin

Proof of Life **- Zorrorojo - Chris/Vin

Prove It  - Elizabeth Sullivan - Modern AU   Chris, Casey JPF

Pun Wars  - Hilary Fox - ATF   All 7, JPF

Pure Poetry   by Jin  OW  Vin, Chris

Purgatory** by Robin Serrano - OW  Vin/Chris

Pursuit  by Katie OW  Vin, Ezra  H/C

Pursuit & Capture of a Brat: Southern, Green-Eyed Variety  - Cyc - OW  Chris/Ezra

Push**- Robin Serrano - OW  Vin/ Chris

The Puzzle**- Stacie - ATF  Chris/Vin  Comedy


Questions and Answers  - Sue Bartholomew - OW  Ezra, Josiah, CCC

Quiet- NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, Buck  JPF


The Race   - Meg Tipper  OW  All 7, Comedy

Razor's Edge**Alternate - Charlotte Hill  Chris/Buck

The Really Great Day  by Jin  OW  Chris Vin

Red  - LIbby  OW  Chris  Rest of 7

Reflected Obsession  - Anonymousisme - ATF  Chris, Vin  SS

Reflections of . . .  also BR - Tiffiny - Chris/Buck

Relatives** - Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7 Het

Remedy** by Robin Serrano - OW  Vin/Chris

Requiem  by Katie OW  JD, Rest of 7, Action, H/C

Rest  - Amy - OW  Ezra/Buck

The Return of the Prodigal Son  - Sue
Bartholomew - OW  All 7, Action

Revenge  by Katie  OW  All 7, Action

Riding the Storm ** - Tarlan - Chris/Vin

Risk  by Katie  ATF  All 7

River Styx- Estevana Rey -  OW   Vin, All 7, H/C, Action, CCC

The Road  - Meg Tipper - OW  Ezra  CCC

The Road to Yuma - Susan Zell - OW Chris, Buck, Vin   CCC

Road Trip (with Cassie and Maggie)  - Mog - ATF  Vin, Ezra   Comedy

Rocky Mountain High**  Also (BR) - C. V. Puerro - ATF  Buck, JD

ROY G BIV  **- Giselle - ATF Chris/Vin, JPS

Rule of Thumb - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, JD, CCC

Rules of the Game** (BR) - Tiffiny - ATF Chris/Vin   Series

Running Against the Wind  by Jean Graham  OW  All Seven  Novel


A Sacrifice to Fire - NotTasha -  OW  Josiah, Ezra, Rest of 7

The Sadist's Grin **- Cobalt - SciFi AU Chris, Vin, Ezra, & the Rest, SS

'S Ain't Valentines Day C.V. Puerro (Also BR)  ATF, JPF

The Same for Us**(BR) - Kim  OW  Chris/Vin

Sanctuary Helen Adams OW  JD,  Josiah  SS

Save the First Dance For Me**(BR  - Debbi K. - OW   JD/Casey Het

Saving Grace**  - Maygra - ATF Chris/Vin, H/C  Novella

Scars **- SueN. - ATF Chris/Vin  H/C

Secrets**- Ruby J. - ATF  Chris/Vin, Buck,  CCC

Secrets From the Past  **- Steel - OW   Chris/Vin  CCC

See What Life is About  - Mog - ATF  Ezra  CCC

Seeing the Elephant  by J. Brooks  OW  Ezra, Vin, Buck, All 7  Action, Comedy

Served Cold ** by Julia Verinder  ATF  Vin  All 7  V/E  Action  Novella

Set-Up - Desperado's Daughter - ATF, JD, All 7, H/C

Seven- Debbie K. & Nancy W.  -  OW   All Seven, CCC, Children

Seven Deadly Hangovers  - Sue Bartholomew - OW  All 7, JPF

7 for Hire AU

Illusions  [Also BR.] Ezra, Vin CCC
Answering the Call  Ezra, Vin Houston Knights X
Later  Ezra/Vin  Rest of 7, H/C  Action
Morning Rituals  Nathan, Ezra/Vin
Celebrating**  Ezra/Vin
Disclosures* Vin/Ezra, Chris, Josiah  Houston Kinghts X
Sweetheart  Buck, JD

Viva Las Vegas  7 for Hire AU  All 7  JPF

The Shade of Four Corners - NotTasha - OW Ezra, Rest of 7, Deathfic

Shades  - Violette - ATF  Ezra, Vin  SS

Shadow Riders AU:  Maygra

Riders of the Storm  WIP  AU SS Vin, Buck, Chris, Rest of 7
Inter Vivos**  AU  Chris/Vin w/Buck, JD  SS
Adsum  AU  Josiah Rest of 7  WIP
Storm Winds **[alt. URL] Chris/Vin/Buck All 7  SS
Shadows**(also BR) StacieOW Chris/Vin

Shaking the Dust  - NotTasha - OW  Nathan, Ezra  CCC

Shelter for the Heart - Mods  OW Vin

The Shenandoah Waltz   - Sue Bartholomew - OW  Ezra, All 7, C&A, Action

Showdown in Four Corners  by Jennifer  Lancer x-over  Chris, Rest of 7

Shuck Dog  by Helen Chavez  ATF  Hellboy X-over  Ezra, Josiah, All 7, SS [WIP]

The Silence Between   - Shellie Williams - OW JD, Josiah, Buck, Vin, CCC, H/C

The Silence - Mods  Chris, Rest of 7, Deathfic

Silent Gifts   - Katie - Holiday, All 7

Silent Knight   - Jody Revenson - JD, Rest of 7, Action

Silent Night  - SueN. - OW  Vin, All 7, Holiday

Silent Voices  - Debbie - ATF  Ezra, JD, All 7, Action

Silent World **- Tarlan - OW, Chris/Vin, rest of 7

Simple Pleasures - Helen Adams ATF Ezra All 7

Sins Redeemed** - SueN. - OW  Chris/Vin, Buck

Six Hours in Sleep ** by Julia Verinder  OW Vin/Ezra

Sizzle**- Charlotte Hill - ATF  Chris/Buck

Skip Trace**  Charlotte Hill  Skip Trace AU Chris/Buck, Rest of 7 (follows Fractured)

Sleep - Mel - Modern AU  Vin   CCC

Slow Down Time  - Carol Pahl - JD, Josiah, Nettie, Casey  Romance

Small Favors - Shellie Williams - OW  Chris, JD, Buck rest of Seven,CCC, H/C

Small Sacrifices  J. Brooks  OW  Josiah, Ezra (2ndary - Chris, Vin)  Action, CCC

Snags** - Zeke Black OW  Vin  Chris/Ezra

Snake in the Grass - NotTasha -  OW Ezra, Chris, Vin, Rest of 7  H/C  Action

Snake on the Loose - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, All 7, Action

Sneaking Around  (Alternate)- Tiffiny - ATF  All 7 JPF

So Much fer Easy**(BR) - SueN. - OW  Vin/Chris CCC

So Simple - NotTasha - OW  Ezra, Chris, All 7,  Action

Soledad - J. Brooks -  OW  Ezra, All 7 Action

Solitudes: Playing the Game  - Hercat - ATF   Nathan, Ezra, SS

Someone Else's Son - NotTasha -  OW  Josiah, Ezra, Rest of 7,  CCC

Someone to Watch Over Me  - Firefox - ATF   All 7, Comedy

Sometimes I Wonder - NotTasha -  OW  Josiah, Ezra  CCC

Somewhere In-Between - NotTasha -  OW  Josiah, Ezra  CCC

Songs in the Key of You  Kitipurr  ATF  Vin/Ezra  Rest of 7  JPS

Soul Mates   - C. V. Puerro - OW  Vin  SS

Spirit of a Hero   - Mitzi - OW  All 7  Novella  Action  CCC

Spittin' Butterfly Smoke  - Jackie & Ingunn - Vin, Ezra, JPF

Spokes in the Wheel - G. M. Atwater - OW  All 7,  Action

St. Valentine's Day (sequel to Precious Things)   - Mel - Modern AU   Vin, Holiday, Tearjerker

Stabat Frater Dolorosis  [Filled with Sorrow the Brother Stands] - Darknyss - OW JD, Deathfic

Standby (Also BR)   - Annie - ATF  Vin/Chris

Standing Tall  **(BR)- Annie - OW Chris/Vin

Star of Wonder  - Joan Curtin - OW  Vin, Chris, Rest of 7, Holiday

Stoics Anonymous - Mel -  AU  All 7  Comedy

Stoics Revealed   - Mel - AU  All 7  Comedy

A Stone, Turned  - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, Josiah CCC

Stop the Presses  - Sammie - WAT-Xover, All 7 & WAT Cast

Stopover in a Place of Quiet Truth    by Helen Adams, OW  Ezra, Josiah

Storm Shelter **  - Maygra - ATF  Chris/Vin  H/C

Storm Winds ** - Maygra  Shadow Riders AU  Chris/Vin/Buck  All 7  SS

A Story for Lent  - Mel - Modern AU  Vin, All 7, JPF

A Summons Faint Yet Absolute  - Meg Tipper - OW  Ezra  CCC

Sunset** - Charlotte Hill - ATF  Buck/Chris, Vin

Sunset II** - Charlotte Hill - ATF  Chris/Vin, Buck

Supremum Vale [The Last Farewell] - Darknyss - OW JD, Buck Josiah, Deathfic

Surprise- Charlotte Hill - ATF Buck/(Chris), Vin

Surprises - Kim - ATF Chris, Vin, CCC, Tearjerker

Sweet Relief**  - SueN  OW  Chris/Vin

Sweet&Crisp  Libby   OW  Ezra, Vin (sequel to Crisp&Sweet)

Sweet Secret  - KT - Modern RNLI AU, Buck, JD, CCC

Sweetest Remedy** SueN OW  Chris/Vin


Taken** (Also BR)- Annie - OW  Vin/Chris

Tea & Sympathy - J. Brooks - Nathan, Ezra, Mary  CCC

Tell Me All Your Thoughts on God  by Jin  ATF  Vin, All of 7, H/C

Tell Me There's a Heaven by Helen Chavez   ATF  Josiah, Rest of 7

The Tender Murderer   by Julia Verinder  OW Vin Rest of 7

Termination**  Cobalt  Renegade AU  Ezra/Vin  All 7, SS

That's Neither Hair, Nor There- Mods - ATF  Vin, All 7, JPF

Then I'll Feel Better   - Mog - ATF  Chris, All 7 JPF

These Hands  **- SueN. - OW  Chris/Vin   H/C

These Precious Things  - Mel - Modern AU  Vin,  Tearjerker

This isn't Funny, You Know  - Twig  Ezra, Vin JPF

Those Whom We Serve - Firefox - ATF  Buck, Ezra, JD, Action, Tearjerker

Thought & Memory Arc:  WIP  by Raven
Thought & Memory - Remembrance  ATF, Buck,  Rest of 7
Lost From Sight  ATF, JD
Some Desperate Glory  ATF  JD

The Thrill of Defeat** (BR) - SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin JPS

Through the Hourglass** (BR) -  Debbi KOW/D&D AU  Vin/Chris

Time Change   - Mel - Modern AU  Vin, All 7   CCC

Time is a Healer  - NotTasha - OW  Nathan  CCC

Time Out of Time** - Charlotte Hill   Chris/Buck

Time Stands Still  - Linda B. - ATF Vin, Ezra  CCC

'Tis the Season to Be Dolly  - Firefox - ATF
Buck, Ezra, CCC, Holiday, Children

To Hold in a Day **  Maygra  ATF  Chris/Vin  Rest of 7  H/C, Holiday

To Honor My Father   - Kimberly (KBJ) - OW   Vin, All 7, C&A

To Scratch an Itch (Also BR) - Annie - Chris/Vin, Buck

To See Ourselves As Others See Us . . .  - Firefox - ATF  All 7, CCC

To Tell You the Truth 1 & 2**(BR) - Tiffiny - OW  Chris/Vin

To Touch In A Day**- Maygra -  ATF  Chris/Vin/Ezra  [Related to Saving Grace]

Toeing the Mistle**(Also BR ) by Annie  OW  Chris/Vin, Comedy

Tom "Scat" Logan's Story  - Heather F. - OW   All 7, Action, CCC

Too Good To Be True - by Tiffiny - ATF  Vin, CCC, SS

Top 10 Reasons-  by Tiffiny - ATF  Buck, JD JPF

Toward the Light  - by NotTasha -  OW, Ezra, Josiah Rest of 7   Action

Traffic Jams & Tinted Windows** (BR) by Kim  Chris/Vin

The Trail to Tascosa  by the Traveling Dimestore Novelist  OW  All 7  Action, Series

Trapped  - Mel - OW  Vin, Chris, All 7  H/C

Travails- Joan Curtin - OW  Vin, Chris, Rest of 7  Action, CCC

The Trial of Vin Tanner  - Meg Tipper - The 7 minus Buck & Nathan,  Action [no separate category for legal action]

Trick or Treat ** (BR)- Annie - ATF Vin, All Seven, Holiday, SS

Trinity- Sue Kelley - ATF  All 7 Novella

Triptych: Sweet Pain; Endless Night; Morning, Broken  - by Raven  ATF  Buck, JD, Chris, H/C vignettes

Truck Love  - KT - ATF  Buck, Rest of 7, CCC

Truth or Dare - Firefox  ATF  Buck/Ezra

Turn of Luck  - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, JD  Action

The Twelve Pack*(also BR)- Annie - ATF  Vin/(Chris), CCC

Two+One=Three** - Moar Sisters - OW Chris/Maria/Vin Het

Two Kinds of Duty  - Hilary Fox - ATF Vin, Chris, CCC, C&A


Under Pressure  Meg Tipper  Ezra, Vin  Action

Under Pressure    - NotTasha -  OW  Ezra, Josiah, Nathan

Under Pressure  by Tess  ATF  Ezra JD? JPF

Under the Skin **- Gwyneth Rhys - OW, Ezra/Buck

Underpass  - Mel - AU  Vin, Chris

Unexpected Company by Helen Adams Ezra, All 7, Holiday

Unexpected in Common Hours- Jody Revenson - ATF  Buck, JD, CCC

Unintentional Trespass  - KT- RNLI-AU  All 7

Unlonely**(alsoBR) Stacie OW Chris/Vin  Chris/Ezra

Unreliable   - Twig Ezra, Rest of 7, CCC

Unsealed  - Linda B. - ATF  Vin, Ezra, Chris,  CCC

Until Proven Innocent  - Tiffiny - ATF  Ezra, All 7  Death Fic, SS

Unwinding the Second Hand  - Mog  Chris/Vin


Vae Soli  [Woe to Him Who Stands Alone]  - Darknyss - Deathfic

Veils  - US  Chris/Buck  SS

Vertical Expression of Horizontal Desires  by Tess ATF  Ezra, All 7

Vignettes**- also (BR) C. V. Puerro - Vin - some stories with Chris and others,Slash/Slush

Vignettes  by ZorroRojo  Modern AU  All 7

Visions of Vengeance  - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - ATF   All 7, Action

Visit from Saint Buck  - Beth Green  All 7, JPF, Holiday

Viva Las Vegas  - Libby  7 for Hire AU  All 7  JPF

Vocabulary - Linda B. - Series  OW  All 7, CCC


Waiting on a Friend   - Mog - OW All 7, CCC

Walking the Roots  - Kimberly (KBJ) - OW  Vin, C&A,

Wants & Needs  Katherine  ATF  Buck/Ezra,  Chris  CCC

The Way Life Used to Be**(also BR) - Tiffiny - Chris/Buck

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas  - J. Brooks - ATF All 7, Comedy

What If?** - Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Maria, Rest of 7 Het

What to Do on a Rainy Day**- Moar Sisters - OW  Vin/Inez, Rest of 7 Het

What to Say  - Ruby - ATF  Josiah, Nathan, Tearjerker

What We Hope to Learn** (also BR) - Annie - ATF Chris/Vin, Holiday

Whatever It Takes - Joan Curtin - OW Vin, Chris, H/C

When Life Gives You Oranges - NotTasha -  OW  All 7

When the Lights Go Down   - Mog - OW  Ezra, All 7, Death Fic

When Opportunity Knocks  Tiffiny  OW  Ezra

When Piglet's Fly  - Mods  ATF  Ezra  JPF

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? (co-written with Lisa) - Mog - ATF  All 7, Comedy,

White - Mog - OW  All 7  JPF

Who's Game?**  - Sabro  Chris/Buck/Vin/  JPS

Wild Night **.  - Maygra and Ruby J - ATF Chris/Vin

Wild Night II ** - Maygra and Ruby J. - ATF Chris/Vin

Wild Things Series - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix  OW Vin Rest of 7

Wild Things, Peach Pie & Firewords  - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix - OW, Vin, Series, Romance, Children

The Winning Side  - NotTasha -  OW  Nathan, Ezra, CCC

A Winter Wonderland  - Ronnee - JD, Vin  Action  H/C

With a Touch**  SueN  ATF  Vin, Chris, Rest of 7, H/C

Without Reason   - Twig  Ezra, Rest of 7, Death Fic

Wooden Horses  - J. Brooks - AU, All 7

A Work of Fiction  - Firefox - ATF  All 7, CCC, Comedy

The World According to Garth** - SueN. - ATF  Chris/Vin  CCC

Worth It   - Mel - Modern AU  Vin, Chris

Wrestling the Octopus  Joy K.   Ezra, Vin  All 7  H/C

X, Y, Z

You Wouldn't Believe Me if I Told You  by Charlotte Hill  ATF Vin, JPF, Satire (SS)

You'll Never Work In Dis Bidness   - Greenwoman - ATF  Vin, Ezra,

You've Got Mail  - Greenwoman - ATF, Ezra, CCC

Yuletide  - Subjective Reality  ATF  Vin  Holiday

* * *


Stories are cross-indexed.  One story may appear in several categories.  Stories with two to four main characters will be listed under the names of each.  Stories with five or more will be listed under the All the Seven category. [We don't claim to be good at math.]  Stories with explicit sexual content are marked with double asterisks**.   If an author has her own website or an index of stories on a website [and we know about it] we'll provide a link to it.  Just click on her name.
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