About this page:  When we find new story links to add to our rec list, we'll post them here first.   We'll keep them listed under new links for a month or two.  Just keep in mind, the links won't necessarily be to stories newly posted on the internet in the sense that most of the new stories on BR are.  Sometimes we're slow on the uptake. 

We'll also post it here when there's a  new page or when an old page has something substantial added.  (Aren't you tired of clicking on the Tracker Talks link and finding nothing but that stupid under construction sign,  Well, until you see it listed here, that's all there will be )


Outrider made a start on our Buck and JD speech pages:  The Big Dog Speaks
The Kid Speaks

Our Josiah volunteer  decided we'd never get to Nathan's speech  either (probably correct) so she volunteered and now we have, in the words of Jock Steele, "From Slave to Surgeon"

A friend of the site calling herself Tunnel Dweller figured we wouldn't be getting to a Josiah speaks page any time soon so she offered her services.  Voila  - The Preacher's Pulpit

Additions to The Gambler Speaks Added a section for Ezra's exchanges with others.  Now you can check on the exact words exchanged between Ezra and Maude.  What were all those bad things Nathan said to and about Ezra (not that many really)?  Also, Chris & Ezra, Vin & Ezra, Josiah & Ezra, Buck & Ezra.  Our aim to eventually set out all the canon speeches and catch phrases that are useful for AUs.

Not necessarily new stories.
But we just found them or had them recommended - new to us.
Newest links added to top of list.

September 2007

Midnight of My Soul by Diamondback  Vin/Ezra, Chris/Buck, Rest of 7


October 2006

Camino del Diablo by Diamondback  Chris/Buck, Vin/Ezra, Rest of 7


June 2006

This Hard Land by TrueEnough OW Chris/Vin, Rest of 7

Texas Hold 'Em by Mitzi  ATF All Seven

APRIL 2006

Chaos Rising:  Seven of Chaos   by Debra Noellert  All Seven,  Novella, Crossover with Relms of Chaos books.

Counting the Ways  by BMP  Buck, Chris, Sarah  Romance

Everything(BR) by C.V. Puerro  Vin  Tearjerker

Surge (BR) by Annie  Chris/Vin

Room Key to Paradise**  by the Fly on the Wall Gang  ATF All 7 Comedy


Depth Perception  [Alt URL] by Limlaith  ATF  Buck, Ezra [C/B]

Change of Heart   [Alt URL]  by Stan Lee  ATF  Chris/Buck 

Inmate 78 by Debbie [aka Sablecain] ATF Vin, Chris, Ezra 

Last One Standing  by Gwyneth Rhys  OW Chris/Vin


Men Are from Mars by Jin Chris/Vin H/C

Hedge by Denise Raymond ATF Chris/Vin

Back to Normal by skaia7  OW  Vin, Ezra
Getting Ahead  by skaia  ATF  Ezra, Vin [companion to Back to Normal]

A Tree in the Hand  by Dail OW JD, Casey, Buck, Vin, Ezra  Holiday

And to All, A Goodnight  by Annie ATF Chris/Buck, Rest of 7  Holiday

Alleys  by Charlotte Hill  ATF  Ezra, Buck C/B Rest of 7

Like Cats & Dogs by Mitzi OW  Buck, Chris, Vin , Ezra

Frontier Fleet [Alt URL] by Gil Hale SF AU  All 7

Trial and Error ** [Also BR] by Helen Adams OW Buck/Ezra, Vin

December 2005

Endurance  by Limlaith Chris/Buck

In Action by Stan Lee  ATF  Vin, Rest of 7

The Christmas We Get We Deserve **  Julia Verinder  ATF  Ezra/Vin  Chris, Buck  Holiday

Bright Future by Charlotte Hill  ATF  Chris/Buck Holiday

Kung Fools  by Limlaith  ATF  Nathan, Ezra, Buck, Vin Chris  Comedy

Came Innocence and She  by Julia Verinder OW, Buck, Chris, All 7

Ugly Eddie  by BMP  ATF  Chris, Ezra, Buck, rest of 7  Comedy

Moving Water by Katherine 7 for Hire AU  Ezra, Chris

November 2005

Madness Lies** by Zeke Black, Modern AU, All 7 (Chris's POV)

The Silver Moon  by Gwyneth Rhys OW Chris/Vin

Howling at the Moon* by Charlotte Hill ATF/Hunter's Moon [sort of]   Chris/Buck  All 7

A Man's Best Friend by Julia Verinder  OW Buck, Ezra  Rest of Seven

Sable Skies  by Julia Verinder  OW Vin, Chris, rest of seven, OFC

Love Lies Waiting * by Limlaith ATF Chris/Buck series (mostly vignettes)  [All but the latest (#6) are individually listed here but she only recently made them accessible chronologically.]

Past Wreckage   by Limlaith  ATF  Chris  C/V

The Holy Dark  by Cobalt  OW Josiah 

Say that Again by Limlaith  ATF  All Seven Comedy

October 2005

A Curious Game by NotTasha  OW  Ezra, Nathan, Buck

Tales Not Told  by Katherine  Ezra, Vin, Chris  Immortal AU

Running by NonTasha  OW  Ezra, JD, Rest of Seven

Wife to Breed** by Julia Verinder OW Vin/OFC 

Are you breaking up with me? ** by ZorroRojo & Robin Serrano  Stargate X [stand-alone prequel to a new story].  Mostly Chris & Jack  C/V

Very Few to Love* by Julia Verinder  OW Vin/OFC

Pun Stories  by Beth Green  All 7  JPF

Absolution by Cmurph  Vin, Chris w/Buck & Ezra  Action, Romance
Tryst by Cmurph [sequel to Absolution] Vin All 7 Action, Romance

Time and Again by BMP  ATF/LB  Buck, Chris  Kiddie Corral

September 2005

The Fork in the Road* by Annie OW  Vin/Chris

Birthday  [alt URL] by Tonny  OW vignette  Chris, Vin 

One Day Out West by Helen Adams ATF  Ezra, w/Chris & Vin [vignette in a challenge series to use episode titles for new stories.]

Sharp Compassion  by Finnigan Geist  OW  Nathan

Any Other Saturday** by Limlaith ATF Chris/Buck  (Fifth in a series you can find HERE  [Now arranged as a series in chronological order.])

Out of Order by Meg Tipper  Equitable Action AU  Josiah, Ezra

August 2005

And Yet So Far** (BR) by Limlath  ATF Vin/Ezra

JD Tells a Joke Cartoon by C.V. Puerro

Color the Landscape  by Marie Blackpool  ATF Chris/Vin [This story was recc'd from an archive site.  If you like the story and know how to contact the author you might ask her to post it on BR.]

The Years Between* by TrueEnough  young Vin, Chris/Vin[adult]   Chanu  Rest of 7 Modern AU

Empirical Research* (BR) by Helen Adams  OW  Buck/Ezra

Right Hand  [Alt Url] by Tonny  OW  Chris, Vin

Judged by Grace** by Zeke Black  Chris/Ezra Vin, Buck

Parallax by BMP  ATF  Chris, Rest of Seven

Profiles in Chaos  by BMP  ATF All Seven Comedy

Obsession by C.V. Puerro [The newest entry in the Blue Ribbon bakery sex farce.]  JPF

Perspective by Mitzi  OW  Chris, Buck Rest of 7

The Most Beautiful Thing** [alt URL] by Limlaith  Chris/Buck [Sequal to Thoughts of Home & Cloudburst]

A Man Walks into a Bar  by BMP  ATF  All 7 JPF

Observations from a Southern Gentleman by BMP ATF Ezra

Ace High by Helen Adams  Ezra, Buck  H/C  CCC

Dinnerby US ATF  Chris, Buck  JPF
Hannah's Fate by US Josiah, Chris, Buck  SS

Toasted** by Raven  OW Chris/Buck  JPS

July 2005

The Slow Dance by Cobalt  OW  Vin, Chris Tearjerker

The Good Mother by J. Brooks  OW  Ezra and OAC (original animal character)

Candles of the Wicked  by Gloria Atwater  OW  All Seven but with a special focus on Chris and JD.  Novella

Sign -- Life  by Helen Adams  OW  Josiah

A Friend in Need by SueN  OW  Vin, Chris, Rest of 7

Rough Stones by Joan Curtin  OW (sequel to Blood Trail).

Forsaken**  by ZorroRojo  OW Chris/Vin All Seven

The Magnificent Seven comic strip by C.V. Puerro

June 2005

Thoughts of Home  by Limlaith  ATF Chris/Buck
Cloudburst  by Limlaith  ATF  Chris/Buck

Keep on Keeping On  ** by Charlotte Hill  Skip Trace AU, Chris/Buck/Vin

Clear Blue Sky  *  by Zeke Black  OW  Chris/Ezra Rest of 7, Tearjerker

Fishbait  by J. Brooks  OW  All Seven,  Comedy

The Magnificent Sever  by Nancy W.  ATF All Seven Satire

Friend in Need  by SueN  OW  Chris, Vin Rest of 7

"P" is For . . .  by Helen Adams  ATF Ezra, all 7, comedy

Four Corners Academy by Meg Tipper  All 7,  Kiddie Corral

After Words by BMP  ATF  Chris, Buck

Eye of the Beholder by BMP  ATF  Chris, Buck

Facts About Cats by NotTasha  OW  Ezra  C&A [part of the Annie Greer series]

Malebox**  by SueN  AFT  Chris/Vin

May 2005

Graven Images** (BR) by Diamondback  OW  Chris/Vin, Buck, All 7 SS

Runners  by Gil Hale, Kiddie Corral, Action

Due Seven by Gina D  Due South X-over

The Compassion Trap by Gil Hale,  Sentinel X-over  Vin, All Seven, Sentinel cast

Demolition Man by Gil Hale, Sentinel sequel to Compassion Trap  Chris, Vin, Ezra, Rest of 7, Jim, Blair

APRIL 2005

The Mile High Affair   by Sammie  NCIS X-over  All 7 & NCIS Team 

Anatomy of a Storm**(also BR) by Limlaith OW Chris/Ezra

Love Hath No Decay* by Julia Verinder OW  Vin/OFC

Laying Blame**(BR) by Limlaith  ATF Chris/Vin Ezra, rest of 7

MARCH 2005

I Will Not Take These Things [alt.URL] by Limlaith  ATF  Chris, Buck

Gunfight in Nogales  by Jennifer OW  Lancer/X  Chris & Johnny Madrid (aka Johnny Lancer)

The Agony of Defeat  by Helen Adams  OW  Ezra

One More Night in Mexico**(BR) by C.V. Puerro  OW Chris/Buck

Twist in the Dragon's Tail by Firefox  ATF Buck/Ezra All 7

Eye of the Beholder by BMP ATF  Buck, Chris


The Sky Full of Stars by Biblio OW   Chris/Vin

Snitby BMP ATF Buck, Chris, JD

Lest I Should Forget  by Limlaith  ATF  Chris/Ezra  Rest of 7

Winter's Trail* by Raven  OW Chris/Buck

Heatby Charlotte Hill  ATF Chris/Buck Vin

A Little Whine & Thou**  by Raven  OW  Chris/Buck  JPS

Passing Fancy by Charlotte Hill  ATF Ezra Chris/Buck

Not a Drop to Drink by Annie ATF  Chris/Vin/Buck

Underground [alt URL] Charlotte Hill  OW Chris/Buck rest of 7

Just a Tickle*  by Annie  OW  Chris/Vin

Reactions & Transformations**  by Julia Verinder OW   HET Vin/OFC, Rest of 7


Aftermathby BMP  ATF All 7 Action (and Reaction)

A Different Place**  by Megan Kent & Charlotte Hill ATF  Chris/Vin  Buck

To Read or Not to Read... by Helen Adams OW  Ezra Vin

In My Face by Brionhet  ATF/WAT Vin
Just a Moment by Brionhet  ATF/WAT Vin, Chris

Horsing Around by Beth Green  ATF All 7 JPF

Hillbillies & Geeks  by Mog & Tidia ATF Ezra, Vin Comedy

Somewhere Only We Know by Jin OW Josiah, Vin

Turk & Clan  by Heather F.  OW Comedy

Noby Ness Ayton  Vin OW JPF
Once More with Feeling by Ness Ayton  ATF Vin JPF

Into the West by Ness Ayton  ATF Vin Satire, JPF

Atlanta to Denver by Mog  ATF  Ezra

'Twas the Night  by Annie   ATF Vin  Vin/Chris

To a Year Less Exciting  by NotTasha  All 7 Comedy

Your Rules**  by Brionhet   ATF Vin/Chris Buck, Rest of 7

Colonel Culpepper's Extraordinary Healing Elixir ** (BR) by Cattraine  OW Chris/Vin Comedy (mostly)

A Journey of Twenty Years  by NotTasha OW Ezra, Rest of 7 [new part of Annie Greer saga]

Achilles  by Raven ATF  Chris

What Kind of Love by Limlaith ATF Chris/Ezra
This Much is True ** (BR)by Limlaith  ATF Chris/Vin

Rainy Day Gift  by Helen Adams  OW  Ezra, Josiah

Twister AU by Debby  All 7 (4 stories to date)  Action
Traditions Shared by Debby  ATF All 7 Holiday

Unexpected Company by Helen Adams Ezra, All 7, Holiday

PQL: Trade Off by NotTasha All 7, Holiday

You Wouldn't Believe Me if I Told You  by Charlotte Hill  ATF Vin, JPF, Satire (SS)

The Gift  by Firefox  ATF Ezra/Buck  Holiday

A Gift of Patience by NotTasha  OW Nathan, Ezra
The Game's in Play by NotTasha OW  Nathan, Ezra

First Kiss by Helen Adams  OW Ezra, Inez

Vampire AU** by Tarlan  Chris/Vin Rest of 7

The Hazard of the Die** by Zeke Black  OW Chris/Ezra

In the Beginning  by ZorroRojo  Modern AU  All 7
Vignettes  by ZorroRojo  Modern AU  All 7

Healing with a Gift by KT  RNLI AU  JD, Buck, Rest of 7
Cornwall to London by KT RNLI AU Buck, Vin, Ezra

Returning Soon !  We Hope
Diamondback is doing a little "repair" work on her wonderful Camino del Diablo and will be reposting it eventually.  [It's been quite a few months since Diamondback gave us this message but we're still hoping.]

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